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The CyberWire briefings archive includes issues dating back to September 28, 2012. You can search or browse those issues here.

The Week that Was, 2.22.20
Russia blamed for Georgia cyberattacks. Ransomware attack against a pipeline facility. DISA discloses data breach.
The Week that Was, 2.15.20
Nevada prepares for its caucuses. Voting apps may be vulnerable. Cyber Command reveals North Korean malware.
The Week that Was, 2.8.20
Coding error causes Iowa caucus delays. Charming Kitten spearphishing. More Japanese defense contractors breached.
The Week that Was, 2.1.20
Sea Turtle tied to Turkish threat actors. UN offices hacked. Ryuk targets oil and gas.
The Week that Was, 1.25.20
Jeff Bezos's phone hacked. Mitsubishi discloses breach. Citrix patches released.
The Week that Was, 1.18.20
NSA discloses CryptoAPI vulnerability. PoC exploits released for Citrix flaw. Fancy Bear suspected in Burisma hack.
The Week that Was, 1.11.20
The US is on alert for Iranian cyberattacks. APT33 focuses on the electric sector. Austria's Foreign Ministry hacked.
The Week that Was, 1.4.20
Drone strikes and asymmetric retaliation. Microsoft vs. Thallium. Cloud Hopper revisited. More on Ryuk. Policy notes, and industry news.
The Week that Was, 12.21.19
Gangnam Industrial Style. Ransomware operators exfiltrate data. Wawa data breach.
The Week that Was, 12.14.19
Phishing procurement agencies. Hacking Telegram accounts. Anchor malware prioritizes stealth.
The Week that Was, 12.7.19
Iranian threat actors have a new wiper. China fires its Great Cannon. Dridex gang indicted and sanctioned.
The Week that Was, 11.23.19
Kittens in the ICS? Someone must own that server that exposed four terabytes of PII. Google Play's Sandworm infestation. Louisiana vs. ransomware. Gekko Group data exposure.
The Week that Was, 11.16.19
DPRK still busy in cyberspace. Pemex recovering from ransomware. GridEx V. APT33 is back. Industry news and legal notes.
The Week that Was, 11.9.19
Security for off-off-year elections. Facebook Groups data access issue. Pegasus in India. BlueKeep. Legal, industry notes.
The Week that Was, 11.2.19
Lawfare against spyware. DTrack in Kudankulam. Influence campaigns. Industry and policy notes.
The Week that Was, 10.26.19
False flags, criminal connections, and deniable operations. Industry notes, and news in superposition.
The Week that Was, 10.19.19
Cyber espionage. Developments in cybercrime. Free speech and costs of doing business. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 10.12.19
APT35 targets a US presidential campaign. Updates on Russian election interference. Turla suspected behind Reductor RAT. Industry news and notes from Fort Meade.
The Week that Was, 10.5.19
Ransomware and disinformation as a service. Malware in the energy sector. Ransomware in hospitals.
The Week that Was, 9.28.19
Supply chain attacks, information operations, and "fleeceware." Legal news and industry notes.