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The CyberWire briefings archive includes issues dating back to September 28, 2012. You can search or browse those issues here.

The Week that Was, 12.15.18
Nation-states behaving badly (and the crooks who imitate them). Patch notes and industry news.
The Week that Was, 12.8.18
Huawei has troubles. (So does Facebook.) Cyber ops in a hybrid war. Cryptowars. Election security. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 12.1.18
Takedowns, espionage, reconnaissance, and one very large breach. Industry news and notes. Brexit, Snakemackerel, Cobalt Dickens, UPnProxy, EternalSilence, ShadowBrokers, EternalBlue, EternalRed, NSA, Marriot, Starwood,
The Week that Was, 11.17.18
Error, not espionage. Operation Shaheen. New Spectre, Meltdown flaws. Cyber conflict. Liberty Eclipse's black start. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 11.10.18
US elections are over (save for recounts). BGP issues. Son of Stuxnet? Bank pilferage. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 11.3.18
Bleeding Bit. Kraken Cryptor & other ransomware strains. Election disruption & deterrence. BGP hijacking. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 10.27.18
CYBERCOM wants GRU to know it cares. TRISIS/TRITON updates. Troll indictments. American GDPR? Legal notes, industry news.
The Week that Was, 10.20.18
Chasing shadows. Facebook breach the work of spammers. Not Comment Crew. BlackEnergy now Grey. Law, commerce, innovation.
The Week that Was, 10.13.18
Waking up from a supply chain nightmare? GRU watch. Google plus trouble. Facebook purges inauthenticity. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 10.6.18
Seeding attack on supply chain? GRU exposed. Pyongyang's cybercrime wave. Information ops. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 9.29.18
Facebook breached. Influence operations and election hacking. Adventures in content moderation. Terror in Iran. Privacy regulation. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 9.22.18
Magecart in the wild. OilRig evolves. US cyber strategy. Russian information ops. Crime, courts, commerce, and invention.
The Week that Was, 9.15.18
Apps behaving badly. Magecart capers. US Executive Order on imposition of costs. Law and litigation. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 9.8.18
Anglo-Russian cyber conflict. Stone Panda tracked. Election security. Malicious apps in the Apple Store. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 9.1.18
Medical device flaws. Irregular disclosure of a Windows exploit. Influence operations, content moderation. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 8.25.18
Information ops, both Russian and Iranian, and one election-hacking false alarm. Hacking back is back. Crypto-wars updates.
The Week that Was, 8.18.18
Foreshadow speculative execution issue. Election security. Crypto wars. More assertive US cyber policies.
The Week that Was, 8.11.18
WannaCry never left. Pyongyang's new RAT. Notes on cybercrime. Sanctions and hybrid warfare. Industry notes.
The Week that Was, 8.4.18
Reddit gets hacked. Sandworm phishes Swiss lab. RASPITE vs. ICS. Pegasus found in Amnesty phones. Automotive cybersecurity.
The Week that Was, 7.28.18
SingHealth breach. Manufacturers affected by 3rd-party breach. Cyber battlespace prep. ERP systems at risk. Maritime hack.