Gordon Corera

Journalist, BBC. Author.

November 23, 2016 — BBC Journalist and author of "Cyber Spies – Surveillance, Hacking and Digital Espionage".

Interview with Gordon Corera

Gordon Corera is a journalist with the BBC, covering national security. His latest book is Cyber Spies – Surveillance, Hacking and Digital Espionage. In this extended version of an interview originally appearing on our November 23, 2016 podcast, Corera outlines the history of cybersecurity and the challenges we face looking ahead.


Source: Gordon Corera

Gordon Corera has covered National Security for BBC News since 2004 covering intelligence, terrorism and cyber security for TV, Radio and online. Before that he was a foreign reporter for the BBC’s Today programme. He was educated at Oxford and Harvard Universities and is the author of a number of books including The Art of Betrayal – Life and Death in the British Secret Service and, most recently, Cyberspies – the secret history of surveillance, hacking and digital espionage.