Peder Müller

Deputy Director of Analysis at Novetta

October 5, 2016 — Peder Müller is a Bitcoin/Blockchain enthusiast. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of Analysis at Novetta and support federal customer understanding of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies.

Interview with Peder Müller

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that it’s built on are a hot topic in cyber security. Peder Müller is an analyst at Novetta, and they’re teaming up with Chainalysis to host a special event at the Jailbreak brewery in Laurel Maryland, Coming up on October 17th, 2016. The cyberwire is a media sponsor for the event, and we spoke with Peder Müller to get a preview of his presentation. This is an extended version of an interview that originally appeared in our October 6th podcast.


Source: Peder Müller

Peder Müller enlisted in the Army where he trained at the Defense Language Institute in Arabic to support signals intelligence as an Arabic linguist. Peder was stationed at Ft. Benning, GA with the 3rd Infantry Division with whom he deployed to Iraq for 27 months. After leaving the Army, he continued to support the military as a contract Arabic instructor. He arrived in the DC Metro area as a communications infrastructure analyst for ANSER Inc. Peder has served as a operations floor officer at the National Counter-Terrorism Center and performed language support for federal customers in Arabic, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. 

Initially Peder started out as a Bitcoin enthusiast but soon participated in the mining frenzy of 2013. At the time, he performed detailed analysis of the Bitcoin protocol for national security clients. Bitcoin and blockchain have now become the primary focus of Peder’s professional life. He is a C4 (Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium) Certified Bitcoin Professional and also certified by the Digital Currency Council. Serving as the Deputy Director of Analysis at Novetta, he leads blockchain efforts whilst supporting federal customers understanding of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies. He has consulted many customers including the US Secret Service, US Department of Treasury, the US Federal Reserve, FinCEN, the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He actively proselytizes about the great potential of blockchain and the development of a robust Bitcoin economy. Peder is an avid home brewer, BBQer, political junkie, firearms collector, large dog lover, and enjoys windy walks in the winter.