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Daily briefing.

Target's data breach proves almost twice as bad as hitherto believed. The retailer, after investigation, now discloses that the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of up to 70M customers were stolen.

Ransomware remains a dangerous threat in the hands of aggressive criminals, and no enterprise should fail to protect itself through, among other measures, effective data backup. New ransomware variants may be expected to appear, but security managers should proceed with circumspection before they jump into expensive countermeasures specifically tailored to criminal forum chatter.

The underground marketplace shows signs of trending toward accounting data boutiques selling information culled by do-it-yourself crimeware services.

The Internet Storm Center sniffs the rise of an unknown botnet in "pretty massive" PHP RFI scans.

With backing from a Palantir co-founder, Radius Intelligence positions itself to compete with Dun and Bradstreet in the (small) business intelligence market.

OWASP cancels its co-marketing agreement with RSA. Allegations of RSA collusion in weak crypto (denied by RSA) continue to affect its upcoming conference: eleven speakers, panelists, or trainers have withdrawn. (But note: this hasn't necessarily translated to an exhibitor boycott.)

Dell says it's open to layoffs. IBM creates a unit to monetize Watson. Intel discusses the McAfee brand's retirement.

US President Obama meets Congressional leaders and suggests he's open to unspecified changes in NSA surveillance. NSA's deputy director says the agency would welcome a public advocate in FISA court.

The US GAO finds inconsistency in federal agency breach reports (and questions the utility of the one-hour reporting rule).


Today's issue includes events affecting Brazil, European Union, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States..

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Upcoming Events

Cyber Security 2014 (, January 1, 1970) The threats and the opportunities conference brings together over 150 business leaders, senior decision makers, business development managers and IT professionals from across the whole defence and security...

FloCon2014 (Charleston, South Carolina, USA, January 13 - 16, 2014) FloCon 2014, a network security conference, takes place at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, on January 13–16, 2014. This open conference provides a forum for operational network...

NASA Langley Cyber Expo (Hampton, Virginia, USA, January 14, 2014) The 2013 NASA Langley Cyber Expo is an annual event dedicated to Cyber Security and Information Technology at this secure facility. As the Cyber Expo hosts, the Office of the Chief Information Officer...

Federal Intel Summit (, January 1, 1970) The Potomac Officers Club is proud to host the 2014 Federal Intel Summit featuring Congressman Mike Rogers and leadership from across the Federal Agencies focused on protecting our national interests.

cybergamut Tech Tuesday: Malware Reverse Engineering — An Introduction to the Tools, Workflows, and Tricks of the Trade to Attack Sophisticated Malware (, January 1, 1970) Reverse engineering malware can be an integral part of every security team's calculus. This session provides a technical review of the tools, workflows, and advanced analytic insight a senior reverse engineer...

Federal Mobile Computing Summit (, January 1, 1970) The Federal Mobile Computing Summit: Digital Government Strategy II will feature government leaders who played an instrumental role in the development of the DGS and worked on the resulting deliverables.

Cybertech — Cyber Security Conference and Exhibition (Tel Aviv, Israel, January 27 - 29, 2014) Cybertech Israel, the first event of its kind, will present world-leading companies in the field of cyber defense alongside young companies that offer unique solutions to advance the discipline of cyber...

U.S. Census Data Protection & Privacy Day (Suitland, Maryland, USA, January 28, 2014) The Census Bureau's Privacy Compliance Branch of the Policy Coordination Office is hosting a Data Protection and Privacy Day on January 28. This event is intended to provide a forum for Census employees...

2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum (Baltimore, Maryland, USA, January 28 - 30, 2014) The 2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum (CIF) is a three-day event, sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) with DHS, NIST, and NSA as primary participating organizations.

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