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ISIS still shows more information ops than cyber offensive capability, but there are signs it's groping toward acquiring the latter.

AnonGhost defaces a public US Air Force site with an anti-US, anti-Israel message.

The TV5 Monde hack continues to show the complexity of attribution: see Trend Micro's useful analysis, which includes the possibility of independent attacks.

The Bundestag's still remediating the (allegedly) Russian attack on its networks. The threat remains active, and remediation costs aren't trivial.

The big news in apparent state-sponsored hacking is Kaspersky's revelation that it found a Duqu variant (attributed by others, not Kaspersky, to Israel) on its own networks. Kaspersky thinks attackers exploited a kernel-mode driver flaw Microsoft patched this week in MS15-061. Attackers may have accessed the company's networks by phishing a satellite office's "non-technical" computer, exploiting CVE-2014-4148. Kaspersky also believes it's found signs the campaign was collecting information on international negotiations with Iran over that country's nuclear program.

Those interested in incident response planning, particularly public relations, may wish to note the positive reviews Kaspersky's disclosure has received.

Stuxnet also returns to the news, with reports it's affecting nuclear power generation.

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee asks the big-four browser companies about security issues government-owned Certificate Authorities (CAs) raise. Is it feasible, the Committee asks, to restrict government-owned CAs to their own Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)? Would doing so enhance security? The pleasantly wonky inquiry uses France's ANSSI as an example, although one doubts France is the principal government of concern.


Today's issue includes events affecting Belgium, Canada, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Iran, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Cyber Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

National security official: ISIL has limited cyberwar capability (USA Today) As successful as the Islamic State has been at using social media to draw recruits to its cause, the terror group has not demonstrated the cyberwar capacity to conduct massive data heists or knock out critical energy and financial systems, a top national security official said Wednesday

ISIS Supporters Are Posting Tutorials for Wi-Fi Hacking and Spying Tools (Motherboard) Supporters of the violent, militant group known as the Islamic State or ISIS are attempting to circulate a small catalog of various spy tools, as well as tutorials on how to hack Wi-Fi networks in order to evade detection, in a package called the "Book of Terror"

Pro-Palestine Group Hacks Subdomains of US Air Force Website (HackRead) Yesterday, it was the pro-Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army who took over the US Army website, today the pro-Palestinian hackers took over US Air Force domains

TV5 Monde, Russia and the CyberCaliphate (Trend Micro: Simply Security) Yesterday evening French magazine L'Express published a report linking an attack against TV5 Monde very firmly to the Russian state

TV5Monde attack proves hacking attribution is very difficult (Graham Cluley) Back in April, France's TV5Monde TV network was knocked off air because of a hack attack, which also saw its website and Facebook page hijacked

German parliament may need to replace all software and hardware after hack (IDG via CSO) All software and hardware in the German parliamentary network might need to be replaced

Cyber Attack on German Parliament Still Active, Could Cost Millions (Re/code) A cyber attack on the German Bundestag lower house of parliament reported last month is still stealing data and could force officials to spend millions of euros replacing the entire computer system, German media reported on Wednesday

Stepson of Stuxnet stalked Kaspersky for months, tapped Iran nuke talks (Ars Technica) Hacker group used a "zero-day trampoline" to scale Kaspersky defenses

Duqu 2.0: Frequently Asked Questions (Kaspersky Labs) In early spring this year, Kaspersky Lab detected a cyber-intrusion affecting several of its internal systems. We immediately launched an intensive investigation, which led to the discovery of a carefully planned cyber-espionage attack carried out by the same group that was behind the infamous 2011 Duqu APT. We believe this is a nation-state sponsored campaign

Russian security firm becomes target of sophisticated malware campaign (Christian Science Monitor Passcode) Kaspersky Lab made a name for itself by identifying advanced malicious software campaigns. Now it says it was the victim of a malware campaign that some experts have linked to Israel

Duqu 2.0 Attack On Kaspersky Lab Opens Chilling New Chapter In Cyber Espionage (Dark Reading) New nation-state campaign with previous ties to Stuxnet spies on security firm's research and anti-cyber spying technologies — plus participants in Iranian nuclear negotiations and their telecommunications, mobile providers

Cyber expert: People are missing the real question we should ask about Israel spying on Iran talks (Business Insider) The global cybersecurity firm that uncovered sophisticated spyware in the computers of European hotels hosting the Iran nuclear talks has reported on the powerful Israeli-linked virus before

"Don't Hack Me! That's a Bad Idea," Says Eugene Kaspersky to APT Groups (Softpedia) Duqu attack on Kaspersky may have cost at least $10 million

Kaspersky being hacked is a lesson for us all (Graham Cluley) Often times it's not the fact that your business has been hacked that will lose your customers' confidence, but the way your company responds

Stuxnet still a threat to critical infrastructure (SC Magazine) Infrastructure is still being infected with Stuxnet nearly five years after the malware first appeared, according to a report published by a Czech security firm

Internet Attacks Against Nuclear Power Plants (Kleissner and Associates) This paper gives a technical overview of existing threats against nuclear power plants and their possibilities. It specifically addresses the state sponsored Stuxnet attack and provides technical insight and statistical information about active Stuxnet infections that still exist today

A world where cyberwarfare is the weapon (Irish Times) The Stuxnet worm, used by the US in Iran, showed the power of a targeted network attack

Hackers May Have Obtained Names of Chinese With Ties to U.S. Government (New York Times) Investigators say that the Chinese hackers who attacked the databases of the Office of Personnel Management may have obtained the names of Chinese relatives, friends and frequent associates of American diplomats and other government officials, information that Beijing could use for blackmail or retaliation

Condoleezza to China: 'The rules' mean cyber-spying isn't allowed (Register) Nobody trusts Huawei because of 'security issues'. *Cough* NSA *Cough*

OPM Breach Exposes Agency's Systemic Security Woes (Dark Reading) The massive hack at the Office of Personnel Management showed not just room for improvement but a lack of very basic security fundamentals — and expertise

Despite billions spent, US federal agencies struggle with cybersecurity (Christian Science Monitor Passcode) Data breaches such as the ones at the Office of Personnel Management, Internal Revenue Service, and State Department show government networks remain dangerously exposed

My Federal Government Security Crash Program (TaoSecurity) In the wake of recent intrusions into government systems, multiple parties have been asking for my recommended courses of action

Warning: Mass scale 'Zombifying' cyber-attack is spreading (IT Pro Portal) More than 50 million people per month could be at risk of a mass-scale 'malvertising' cyber-attack that turns computers into Zombies, according to researchers at Raytheon|Websense

iOS Mail bug makes it easy to steal victims' passwords (Tripwire: the State of Security) I would wager that most people who have an iPhone or iPad use the default Apple iOS Mail application, rather than a third-party app, to read their email

Poweliks malware targets 200,000 computers with covert Windows registry attacks (V3) Hackers have targeted almost 200,000 computers using a dangerous 'file-less' version of the Poweliks malware over the past six months, according to researchers at Symantec

Massive growth in new ransomware, malware targeting Adobe Flash (Help Net Security) In the first quarter of 2015, McAfee Labs registered a 165 percent increase in new ransomware driven largely by the new, hard-to-detect CTB-Locker ransomware family, a new ransomware family called Teslacrypt, and the emergence of new versions of CryptoWall, TorrentLocker and BandarChor

Increase in CryptoWall 3.0 from malicious spam and Angler exploit kit (Internet Storm Center) Since Monday 2015-05-25 (a bit more than 2 weeks ago), we've seen a significant amount of CryptoWall 3.0 ransomware from malicious spam (malspam) and the Angler exploit kit (EK)

Beware the "waterholing" hack (Banking Exchange) St. Louis Fed may have been most recent major victim

Security experts say phony gov't emails contain malware (VietNamNet Bridge) An email address ending in "gmail" and a subject line referring to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung's instructions has been sent to the email account of a newspaper reporter to steal information

"Attempts to Export Opengraph File" Phishing Scam Targeting Facebook Users (HackRead) A new phishing scam has surfaced on the web via Facebook in the form of a message titled "Attempts to Export Opengraph File"

Breach at Winery Card Processor Missing Link (KrebsOnSecurity) Missing Link Networks Inc., a credit card processor and point-of-sale vendor that serves a number of wineries in Northern California and elsewhere, disclosed today that a breach of its networks exposed card data for transactions it processed in the month of April 2015

'Your PC may be infected!' Inside the shady world of antivirus telemarketing (IDG via CSO) Scotty Zifka was looking for a sales job. He started one in late May at a company called EZ Tech Support, a small inbound call center in an older building in northeast Portland, Oregon

Reddit Bans Five Harassing Subreddits, Its Trolls Respond Exactly As You'd Expect (TechCrunch) Reddit, the hugely popular online community know[n] as the 'front page of the internet', has dropped the hammer on five groups on its site judged to be in violation of its policy against harassing users

Security Patches, Mitigations, and Software Updates

VMware patches virtual machine escape issue on Windows (IDG via CSO) VMware has released security updates for several of its virtualization products in order to address critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to break out of virtual machines and execute rogue code on the host operating systems

Snapchat steps up its security with login verification (Naked Security) Snapchat is hugely popular with teens and young adults as a way to send short-lived photo and video messages, but it hasn't won many fans in the security business

SAP Security Notes June 2015 (ERPScan) SAP has released the monthly critical patch update for June 2015. This patch update closes a lot of vulnerabilities in SAP products. The most popular vulnerability is Missing Authorization Check

Twitter adds ability to create, share "block lists" (Ars Technica) Feature already built by third-party devs; critics say more needs to be done

Microsoft update: new Ts, new Cs and, for some of us, fáilte go hÉireann (Naked Security) We just received an important email from Microsoft

Cyber Trends

RAND study: Cyber-defense must change course, or else (ZDNet) RAND today released the results of its multiphased study on cybersecurity's future, The Defender's Dilemma, delivering a frightening snapshot of defenders lost at sea

The Defender's Dilemma: Charting a Course Toward Cybersecurity (RAND) Cybersecurity is a constant, and, by all accounts growing, challenge. Although software products are gradually becoming more secure and novel approaches to cybersecurity are being developed, hackers are becoming more adept, their tools are better, and their markets are flourishing

You Had an Ongoing Data Breach for Months. How Could You Not Know? ( When Anthem first announced the breach of 80 million of its records, FBI spokespersons credited Anthem with responding only weeks after the attack started

Financial impact of SaaS storage breaches now $13.85 million (Help Net Security) Elastica analyzed hundreds of millions of enterprise files stored and shared within leading enterprise cloud applications

Cloud Storage's Data Loss Prevention Problem (eSecurity Planet) Nearly 18 percent of files in enterprise-approved apps violate DLP policies, finds a Netskope study. The worst offender: cloud storage apps

Swift adoption of cloud and mobile drives insider threats (Help Net Security) Bitglass surveyed 500 IT and security practitioners and found that 62 percent have seen an increase in insider threats over the last 12 months

OPSWAT Report Reveals Majority of Mac Devices Still Left Unprotected (Benzinga) OPSWAT releases its quarterly market share report with new comparisons between Mac and Windows users along with statistics on public file sharing products

Firewalls up: Companies not prepared to tackle cyber attacks (Forbes India) India Inc has woken up to the threat of cyber attacks and the need to protect data. But it is a never-ending battle that requires companies to be on a state of alert at all times


What is Cyber Insurance? (We Live Security) You may have heard the term "Cyber Insurance" in exceptionally glowing terms, describing it as the next big thing that no sensible business should be without. Or you may also have heard it described as something that is greatly hyped but which is not quite as awesome as all that. As with most things, the truth is somewhere in between these two extremes

Cybersecurity ETF Closes In On $1 Billion Mark (Benzinga) If there is one theme in the market that has been red-hot this year, it's cybersecurity stocks

Here’s why the new White House security mandate is good news for local IT contractors (Washington Business Journal) A new mandate from the White House to increase federal website security could cost agencies millions of dollars in server upgrades

A search engine for cyberthreats (Washington Post) Keeping track of all the latest cyberattacks and who was behind them is hard for the average person, but it can be tough for those whose full-time job involves security, too

Don't Overlook Symantec Spinoff (Seeking Alpha) Symantec will be spinning off its storage software business. Historically, spun off companies outperform the market by double digits annually. We believe both SYMC and its soon to be spun off storage software business will outperform the market

FireEye Stock Still Has Room to Run (FEYE) (Investor Place) FireEye appears well positioned to maintain its rapid growth

National Security Worries Could Thwart Verizon, Altice Deal (Broadband DSL Reports) Rumors (started largely by one Citigroup analyst) have been circulating since last week that Verizon might want to sell the company's fixed-line assets to French telecom company Altice, which has been making it clear it wants to expand its footprint in the States after acquiring Suddenlink for $9.1 billion last month

Microsoft Acquires BlueStripe To Boost Heterogeneous Monitoring of New OMS (Redmond Magazine) Microsoft today said it has acquired BlueStripe Software, a popular provider of software used to monitor the performance of infrastructure and help systems administrators track down bottlenecks at the transaction layer of applications

Cybergy Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire CROSS Sciences and Appointment of Richard Donohoe as Director of Infrastructure for New West Smart Grid Cybersecurity (BusinessWire) Cybergy Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CYBG) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of CROSS Sciences LLC, a key partner in enhancing the firm's cybersecurity offerings, including its proprietary SmartFile technology which provides real-time document intelligence and insider threat detection

Elbit Systems to acquire Cyber and Intelligence division of NICE Systems (Military Embedded Systems) Elbit Systems Ltd. officials announced that it the company signed an agreement to acquire NICE Systems Ltd.'s Cyber and Intelligence division for a total amount of as much as $157.9 million, subject to certain customary adjustments

Raytheon employees in Virginia face layoffs with NGA contract loss (Washington Business Journal) A contract loss could force Raytheon Co. to lay off 59 employees in Springfield

Rick Wagner Appointed to ManTech SVP Post (GovConWire) Rick Wagner, formerly chief strategy officer at TASC, has been appointed senior vice president and general manager of ManTech International?s (Nasdaq: MANT) advanced technical solutions division

Products, Services, and Solutions

SolarWinds Automates Network Vulnerability Detection and Security Policy Enforcement (MarketWatch) Latest version of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager leverages the National Vulnerability Database in a Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) compliant manner to identify device vulnerabilities and provide automated remediation actions

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

Why Organisations Should Consider Cloud Based Disaster Recovery (Information Security Buzz) Despite the hype (or perhaps, because of it), many organisations are still wary and unsure of the cloud and whether they should use it because of understandable concerns around issues such as how secure and resilient it is. But adopting cloud-based technologies doesn't have to be risky or painful and it can bring advantages

IT admin errors that lead to network downtime and data loss (Help Net Security) Kroll Ontrack today released its most recent list of common IT administrator errors that can lead to data loss and network downtime

To Firewall or not to Firewall — Trusted & Untrusted Networks (IT Security Expert Blog) The big danger of firewall deployments within a complex dynamic network infrastructure (a typical enterprise) is you end up with placebo network security

Without threat intelligence 'you're just throwing darts at a board,' Cdn IT pros told (IT World Canada) A threat intelligence system is essential for organizations to have today to meet the challenge of sophisticated attackers, a security conference audience of Canadian infosec pros has been told

What to do if your computer is taken over by ransomware? (Business Insider) Ransomware is evolving and that's bad news for just about everybody except cyber thieves


Maxwell's Cyber College good news for Montgomery (Montgomery Advertiser) Failings in cybersecurity have made national headlines in both the private sector and government and Maxwell Air Force Base wants to curb those virtual insecurities by launching a revolutionary Air Force Cyber College in September

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Qatar's National Cybersecurity Strategy (BankInfoSecurity) QCERT's AI Hashmi on defending against advanced threats

Canada's New Anti-Terror Bill C-51 will Ruin Internet Privacy (HackRead) Canada approves anti-terror law C-51 that weakens Internet privacy — NDP-Liberal coalition may get triggered as a result warn conservative critics

France moves closer to adopting expansive surveillance law (Christian Science Monitor Passcode) The French Senate overwhelming passed a data collection bill on Tuesday that would give its intelligence agencies new powers to monitor phone metadata and online activities

Influencers oppose US plan to limit export of software flaws (Christian Science Monitor Passcode) A strong majority of Passcode's Influencers oppose a new proposal by the US Commerce Department to further restrict the export of most software vulnerabilities

Senate Dems threaten to block cyber bill as defense add-on (The Hill) Senate debate was tied up Wednesday as Democrats lashed out against an upcoming vote on whether to attach the Senate's main cyber bill to the defense budget bill

Letters to Browsers Regarding Government Certificate Authorities (Energy and Commerce Committee, US House of Representatives) We are writing with several questions concerning digital certificates, which are used to ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive information transmitted through Internet transactions

U.S. must reassess response to cyber-hacks (Des Moines Register) Three astonishing revelations emerged last week when the U.S. government reported four million federal employees' sensitive personal data was stolen in a cyber-hack

Army fights a two-front cyber war (FCW) The Army has been carefully testing its weapons systems for sophisticated cyber threats, but it was an attack on its public website this week that drew attention, underscoring the breadth of the cybersecurity challenge facing defense agencies

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

How Info Ops Could Be Used To Improve Military Engagement With Mexico (Task and Purpose) An improved doctrine on the use of information operations in North America could greatly improve efforts to curtail the drug cartels in Mexico

China ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang gets life term (BBC) China's ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang has been jailed for life — the most senior politician to face corruption charges under Communist rule

49 suspected members of cybercriminal group arrested in Europe (Help Net Security) Yesterday, a joint international operation led to the dismantling of a group of cybercriminals active in Italy, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Georgia, who are suspected of committing financial fraud involving email account intrusions

Security shade thrown in spat between ADP and HR cloud service provider (Ars Technica) Payroll giant accuses Zenefits of insecure screen scraping of PII, sues over defamation

Nude celeb iCloud hack: Feds seize Chicago man's computers (Register) 'Targeted attack' traced back to IP address

For a complete running list of events, please visit the Event Tracker on the CyberWire website.

Newly Noted Events

CyberMontgomery 2015 (Rockville, Maryland, USA, July 30, 2015) Montgomery County, Maryland, is home to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), the FDA, NIH, NOAA, NRC and more than a dozen...

CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum (Kraków, Poland, September 28 - 29, 2015) The CYBERSEC forum is the first of its kind in Poland and one of just a few regular public policy conferences in Europe devoted to the strategic issues of cyberspace and cybersecurity. The goal of CYBERSEC...

NG Security Summit US (Austin, Texas, USA, December 2 - 4, 2015) The NG Security Summit US will bring together 65 senior decision makers and business leaders from across the region. The event aims to solve key business challenges. In particular, the ability to network...

Upcoming Events

Cloud Identity Summit 2015 (La Jolla, California, USA, June 8 - 11, 2015) Enterprises large and small are looking to the cloud to replace legacy applications and virtualize their existing data center environments. In each case, security technology vendors need to manage the...

NSA Mobile Technologies Forum (MTF) 2015 (Fort Meade, Maryland, USA, June 8 - 12, 2015) The Mobile Technologies Forum is an annual event that attracts SIGINT, Information Assurance, HUMINT, Federal Law Enforcement, Counterintelligence and Government personnel from the United States, Australia,...

CyBit: the Computer Forensics Show (IT Security and Cyber Security) (New York, New York, USA, June 11 - 12, 2015) Cyber Security: The interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the internet, telecommunications networks (satellite communications), computer systems, embedded processors...

19th Colloquium for Information Security Education (CISSE) (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 15 - 17, 2015) The Colloquium for Information System Security Education (CISSE) has represented the constant in the changing field of cybersecurity education. CISSE was established in 1996. Its mission was (and still...

Information Management Conference 2015 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA, June 15 - 18, 2015) This year's theme is "Mission Excellence through Innovation" and is aligned with the Information Resources Management Strategic Plan vision, which aims to collaborate as an enterprise and deliver innovative...

Cornerstones of Trust 2015 (San Mateo, California, USA, June 16, 2015) The World Ahead: Ending The Insanity In Information Security. Insanity is often defined as repeatedly doing the same while expecting different results. Year after year our cyber security success has been...

AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium (Baltimore, Maryland, USA, May 5 - 7, 2015) The U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency's new operational role in the cyber domain as network defender creates a formal relationship between DISA, U.S. Cyber Command and the command's military service...

TRUSTe Internet of Things Privacy Summit 2015 (Menlo Park, California, USA, June 17, 2015) The Second IoT Privacy Summit will be held on June 17th 2015 and focus on practical solutions to the privacy challenges of the Internet of Things with multiple case studies, workshops and panel presentations...

Portland Secure World (Portland, Oregon, USA, June 17, 2015) Join your fellow security professional for affordable, high-quality cybersecurity training and education at a regional conference near you. Earn CPE credits while learning from nationally recognized industry...

2015 Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) (North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 17 - 19, 2015) The second annual Community College Cyber Summit (3CS), hosted by the College of Southern Nevada, is organized and produced by the five cybersecurity-related Advanced Technological Education (ATE) centers...

Suits and Spooks All Stars 2015 (New York, New York, USA, June 19 - 20, 2015) Unlike our typical "collision" event, our All Stars will have at least 60 minutes each for their talks. Seating will be limited because we're going to hold it in one of our most popular venues —...

REcon 2015 (Montréal, Québec, Canada, June 19 - 21, 2015) REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It is held annually in Montreal, Canada. The conference offers a single track of presentations...

Nuit du Hack 2015 (Paris, France, June 20 - 21, 2015) The "Nuit Du Hack" conference was initiated in 2003 by the French hacking group: HackerZvoice. This event has been gathering people willing to learn and share their knowledge around lectures and challenges...

Cyber Security for Defense (Augusta, Georgia, USA, June 24 - 26, 2015) This conference serves as an opportunity for solution providers to break through the background noise and present their unique ideas and products in an environment specifically tailored to highlighting...

Innovation Summit: Connecting Wall Street, Silicon Valley & the Beltway (New York City, New York, USA, June 25, 2015) Innovation Summit connects America's three most powerful epicenters and evangelizes the importance of industry, government and academic collaboration on joint research initiatives. The opportunity to bring...

Cybersecurity Outlook 2016 (Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA, June 26, 2015) Cybersecurity Outlook 2016 is a breakfast event by Potomac Tech Wire and Billington CyberSecurity that brings together senior executives in the Mid-Atlantic to discuss technology issues in a conversational,...

NSA Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) 2015 (Washington, DC, USA, June 29 - July 1, 2015) The NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD)'s Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) is a biannual forum hosted by the National Security Agency (NSA). IAS events of the past have proven to be the preferred...

US News STEM Solutions: the National Leadership Conference (San Diego, California, USA, June 29 - July 1, 2015) San Diego offers the perfect backdrop for the 4th annual U.S. News STEM Solutions National Leadership Conference, June 29 — July 1, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Please make your plans now to join fellow...

Information Assurance Symposium (Washington, DC, USA, June 29 - July 1, 2015) The NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD)'s Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) is a biannual forum hosted by the National Security Agency (NSA). IAS events of the past have proven to be the preferred...

Cyber Security for Healthcare Summit (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, June 29 - July 1, 2015) Our IQPC Cyber Security for Healthcare Summit will help Hospitals and Medical Device manufacturers to prepare and manage risks by viewing cybersecurity not as a novel issue but rather by making it part...

Cybergamut Tech Tuesday: The Truth About Security Your System (Elkridge, Maryland, USA, June 30, 2015) What does it take to secure a system? What is the logical approach to successfully achieve this endeavor? First, an understanding of who wants access and why is a necessary baseline to form a strategic...

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