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Daily briefing.

ISIS goes online to claim credit for a mass murder in Kabul. The group also threatened Iraqi polling stations in upcoming elections.

FireEye says a Chinese threat group, probably APT10, has been collecting against Japanese networks in order to obtain intelligence about Japan's policy with respect to North Korea.

Twitter has banned Kaspersky from purchasing advertising on the social media platform. Their rationale is, essentially, Kaspersky's perceived ties to Russian security services. As Twitter explained, pointing in the general direction of the US Department of Homeland Security's ejection of Kaspersky products from Government systems, their "decision is based on our determination that Kaspersky Lab operates using a business model that inherently conflicts with acceptable Twitter Ads business practices."

Qihoo 360 reports finding a Microsoft Internet Explorer zero-day being exploited in the wild. "Double Kill" is transmitted by infected Office documents. Users are advised to avoid opening documents forwarded from unknown or otherwise suspect sources until a patch is in place. 

Israeli security firm ClearSky says it's found Hamas-installed spyware installed on phones belonging to rival Palestinian group Fatah.

Google is thought likely to receive blowback from US and other countries' bans on ZTE devices.

The British mastermind (so to speak) of the Crackas with Attitude, has received two years in a British juvenile facility for his role in hacking various US officials. Teenaged boy Kane Gamble will be 20 when he gets out. His slightly older Carolina colleagues, Justin Liverman and Otto Boggs, are presently on sabbatical in Club Fed.


Today's issue includes events affecting Australia, China, Commonwealth of Nations, European Union, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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HackNYC2018 (New York, New York, United States, May 8 - 10, 2018) Cyber attacks are often called non-violent or non-kinetic attacks, but the simple truth is that there is a credible capability to use cyber attacks to achieve kinetic effects. Kinetic Cyber refers to a class of cyber attacks that can cause direct or indirect physical damage, injury or death solely through the exploitation of vulnerable information systems and processes. Use code CWIRE20 for 20% off the $50.00 individual ticket price.

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Dateline RSA 2018

Former US, Israeli Intelligence Chiefs Talk Cyber-Security at RSAC (Brinkwire) Former NSA Director General Keith Alexander and Nadav Zafrir, former commander of Israel’s 8200 Intelligence Unit, are optimistic about the future.

Most dangerous attack techniques, and what's coming next (Help Net Security) Experts from SANS presented the five most dangerous new cyber attack techniques in their annual RSA Conference 2018 keynote session in San Francisco, and shared their views on how they work, how they can be stopped or at least slowed, and how businesses and consumers can prepare.

2018 RSA Conference observations and the dangerous lack of control system understanding by network security personnel (Control Global) Unfortunately, the culture gap between the control system and network security communities is alive and well. Our systems might stand a chance when this culture gap is surmounted and both communities work together to maintain reliability and safety.

Akamai CSO Talks Cryptominers, IoT and the Reemergence of Old Threats (Threatpost) Andy Ellis, CSO Akamai, discusses how the company works with others within the cybersecurity landscape to help keep the internet safe.

Terbium Labs CEO: We have the tools to curtail fake news, if we'd only use them (SC Media US) Equating the fake news epidemic in terms of scope to the Equifax data breach, Dr. Daniel Rogers, CEO and co-founder of dark web data intelligence company T

Why SSL is part of the problem behind a dramatic increase in malware and ramsomware in Q1 2018 (TechRepublic) Attackers are using HTTPS to carry malware, which means companies need to do DPI on SSL packets to guard against it.

RSA 2018: Juniper CEO stresses training, automation in cybersecurity (SearchCIO) At the RSA 2018 conference in San Francisco, Juniper CEO Rami Rahim encouraged attendees to embrace automation in cybersecurity and be "agents of change" that develop innovative ideas to address data vulnerabilities.

How Facebook and GDPR Propelled an Underdog to Victory (Fortune) Data privacy was paramount at RSA Conference's latest startup competition.

Expand vulnerability and risk management programs to eliminate security misconfigurations (Help Net Security) In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2018, Tim White, Director of Product Management, Policy Compliance at Qualys, discusses how expanding vulnerability and risk management programs can eliminate security misconfigurations. Many don't realize misconfigurations can be exploited just as easily as a vulnerable

Udacity tackles cybersecurity with its latest nanodegree (TechCrunch) Responding to the talent shortage and increasing demand facing the cybersecurity industry, Udacity said that it is now developing a new nanodegree focused on security. Launched at the security industry’s RSA Conference, details about the new program (including potential partners) are still sk…

Cyber Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Islamic State threatens polling station attacks ahead of Iraq vote (Reuters) Islamic State said it would attack polling stations in Iraq during parliamentary election next month and that anyone who participated in the vote would be considered an infidel.

57 Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing – and ISIS Is Claiming Responsibility (Time) The attack targeted a voter registration center

China Cyberspies Mined Japan Firms for North Korea Secrets (Bloomberg) Chinese hackers have targeted Japanese defense companies, possibly to get information on Tokyo’s policy toward resolving the North Korean nuclear impasse, according to cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc.

Survey Reveals Users Have No Clue About Router Security (BleepingComputer) A recent survey of 2,205 regular users has proven once again that most people don't update router firmware, don't change default credentials, and don't generally know how to secure their devices.

Energetic Bear/Crouching Yeti: attacks on servers (Securelist - Kaspersky Lab’s cyberthreat research and reports) This report by Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT presents information on identified servers that have been infected and used by the Energetic Bear/Crouching Yeti group. The report also includes the findings of an analysis of several webservers compromised by the group during 2016 and in early 2017.

Big IoT Botnet Starts Large-Scale Exploitation of Drupalgeddon 2 Vulnerability (BleepingComputer) A botnet made up of servers and smart devices has begun the mass exploitation of a severe Drupal CMS vulnerability and is using already compromised systems to infect new machines, in a worm-like behavior.

Israeli cyber firm reveals: Hamas planted spyware in Fatah phones (Jewish News Syndicate) Hamas-affiliated group Arid Viper hacked rival Fatah’s website and replaced link to Fatah’s Android app with another that collects information about users...

New Zero-day Double Kill malware in the wild, spreads via infected Office documents (MSPoweruser) Chinese security company Qihoo 360 has discovered a new form of malware currently in the wild which is actively exploiting a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer to install a backdoor trojan on the PC of Windows users. Users do not need to be actively using Internet Explorer as the web page comes embedded in the infected …

Chinese web giant finds Windows zero-day, stays schtum on specifics (Register) Quihoo 360 plays the responsible disclosure game

Unpatched Flaw Exposes LG NAS Devices to Remote Attacks (SecurityWeek) Researchers claim hackers can remotely exploit an unpatched command injection vulnerability to take control of LG NAS devices

SquirtDanger malware steal passwords & take screenshots of user activity (HackRead) SquirtDanger Malware is Capable of Draining Crypto-wallets, Killing Process, Stealing Passwords from Web Browser and Taking Screenshots.

PinkKite: The continuing threat of POS malware (SC Media UK) POS systems typically require limited software to function. Defenders should use this to their advantage, and enable application whitelisting.

Cyber Trends

Energy security pros worry about catastrophic failure due to cyberattacks (Help Net Security) 70 percent of energy security professionals are concerned that a successful cyberattack could cause a catastrophic failure, such as an explosion, a recent survey has shown.

Cybercrime industry raking in $1.5 trillion profit - most from online markets (Security Brief) How much are cybercriminals earning for their efforts? A new study by Bromium suggests that figure could be as much as US$2 million per job.

Research Shows Organizations Turning to Biometrics for a More Secure and Trusted Path to Authentication (Veridium) New study reveals 63 percent of organizations that have experienced a data breach have implemented or are planning to implement biometric authentication to prevent another

Fake news and cyber attacks are BIGGEST threats to global nuclear security, expert warns ( THE Cuban Missile crisis could have had a potentially disastrous outcome today because the combination of sophisticated state-sponsored fake news campaigns and quick-reaction alert systems might persuade politicians to press the red button, a senior academic said last night.

Why So Many People Make Their Password 'Dragon' (WIRED) The mythical creature's popularity says a lot about the psychology of password creation.


Corporate anti-hacker group gains strength in fight against tech attacks (Financial Times) Cyber Threat Alliance automatically sharing information doubles membership in a year

Kaspersky Lab banned from advertising on Twitter (Cyberscoop) Kaspersky Lab has been banned from advertising on Twitter due to its alleged ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

Twitter Bans Ads of Russian Cybersecurity Giant Kaspersky Lab (Sputnik) The anti-virus company demands an explanation, stating that the move contradicts freedom of expression. Up till now Twitter’s management has claimed that Kaspersky Lab’s business model conflicts with their acceptable business practices and cited a warning from the US government, which views the company as a threat to national security.

China's ZTE slams US ban, says company's survival at risk (The Daily Star) China's ZTE Corp said on Friday that a US ban on selling parts and software to the company was unfair and threatens its survival, and

It’s not just the US that’s freaking out about China’s ZTE (BGR) Earlier this week, we talked about the US ban on ZTE, and what it may mean to both the Chinese smartphone maker and Google. At the time, I said that the US seems to be the only country in the world…

U.S.-China Trade War Is Bad News for Google’s Expansion (Wall Street Journal) The barring of Chinese smartphone maker ZTE by the U.S. government from working with American companies is an unforeseen challenge for Google in a bid to get its mobile software in the hands of wider swaths of users.

Asian companies see little need for insurance against cyber attack (South China Morning Post) Companies in Asia lag behind those in the US in cyber insurance coverage, even as global awareness has been raised in the wake of cyberattacks such as ransomware WannaCry last year, according to FM Global, a mutual property insurer based in Rhode...

Path to cyber preeminence is challenging but conceivable (The Augusta Chronicle) There’s no doubt the information security industry is strengthening the regional economy, infusing techie trendiness into the Southern culture and

Embedded IT firm gets IC venture arm backing (Washington Technology) Embedded IT company Red Balloon Security has received an investment from intelligence community venture capital organization In-Q-Tel.

NTT Com completes acquisition of Secure-24 (Data Center News) “This acquisition brings the unparalleled service levels, application expertise, security and compliance support of Secure-24 to the global NTT community...

Capgemini handed key $11M data deal from IP Australia (ARN) Capgemini is set to tackle a key business intelligence and analytics project at the core of IP Australia’s data efforts.

Keeper Security forms vulnerability disclosure program with Bugcrowd (SearchSecurity) Keeper Security partnered with Bugcrowd to create a new vulnerability disclosure program in the aftermath of its controversial defamation lawsuit against a security report last year.

Products, Services, and Solutions

Uplevel Limits Access to Dangerous Websites to Help MSPs Right-size Security for SMBs (PR Newswire) Uplevel Systems, provider of integrated networking capabilities to...

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

Why DoD is starting a new cyber cell on the Korean Peninsula (Fifth Domain) Cyber Command is standing up a cyber planning cell within U.S. Forces Korea aimed at integrating cyber operations with traditional military plans.

GDPR: It's an issue of transparency - Help Net Security (Help Net Security) While it is easy to get stuck with reviewing the potential fines or setting up efficient security procedures to ensure compliance, many are still overlooking GDPR transparency.

Tapping AI to Counter Rising Ransomware Threat in Big Data Era (SmartData Collective) Obviously, companies can’t stay on the defensive while they get pounded by all these new cyber threats. With the advances in AI and Big Data, companies are giving a fighting chance against the rising ransomware threat.

FBI to move to cloud next year; chief data officer seeks better analytics ( Several agencies have developed promising test cases for artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation tools but the FBI said the government has hardly scratched the surface when it comes to leveraging these tools.

Is 'white-hat' hacking the best form of defense? (Networks Asia) Today it is more critical than ever for organisations to actively ferret out cyber loopholes. This has led to a demand in ethical “white-hat” hackers, who carry out penetration tests to expose hidden weaknesses, like criminal (or black-hat) hackers.

Design and Innovation

This Ex-NSA Hacker's App Protects Your Mac From 'Evil Maid' Attacks (WIRED) Detecting an insidious physical attack on your MacBook may often be as simple as alerting you when its lid opens.

Huawei AI to get some emotional intelligence (SlashGear) AI assistants may be called “personal” but they definitely aren’t personable. Never mind their obviously fake personalities, these intelligent chatbots are really intelligent in o…

Research and Development

NSA Selects 6 Labs for Security Research Initiative (Executive Gov) The National Security Agency has awarded five-year contracts to six multidisciplinary laboratories a

Brains behind iOS' secure microkernel start moving it to RISC-V (Register) Unveil first code, joins giants in industry standard-club


America's Cyber Security Future Is In The Hands Of These High Schoolers (Forbes) On Wednesday, a war was raging in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore, Md. Well, sort of.

Waikato Institute of Technology strikes cyber talent deal with Fortinet (New Zealand Reseller News) Wintec will be the first educational institution in New Zealand to offer the Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA) program, to address security talent shortages.

Edinburgh Napier University Cyber Academy offer training against security threats (The Edinburgh Reporter) A new centre at Edinburgh Napier University will offer companies a way of training staff to deal with crippling cyber attacks on websites.

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Russia adds Google IPs to registry of banned sites (CTVNews) Russia's communications watchdog agency says it is adding some Google IP addresses to the state register of banned sites, as a dispute over a banned messaging app intensifies.

President Xi Jinping outlines blueprint to build China’s strength in cyberspace (OpenGovAsia) Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the country to acutely grasp the historic opportunity for informatisation development to build its cyber strength.

The Chinese Communist Party Is Setting Up Cells at Universities Across America (Foreign Policy) It’s a strategy to tighten ideological control. And it’s happening around the world.

The U.S.- China Face-off: Is It About Trade? Or National Security? (Fortune) In theory, the U.S. Commerce Department’s move earlier this week to slap a seven-year ban on the sale of American products to ZTE Corp., China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, was all about national security and had nothing to do with trade.

U.S. Slams Russia, Iran As 'Morally Reprehensible' For Rights Violations (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) A new U.S. State Department report has labeled the governments of Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea as "morally reprehensible" with human rights violations on a daily basis, making them "forces of instability."

This is a drill: Australia's cyber 'war' against a country a bit like Russia (The Sydney Morning Herald) 'White hat' hackers will test their ability to withstand a co-ordinated cyber-attack against a major civilian internet service provider and military airbase.

A safer Commonwealth in cyberspace (The Hans India) In a landmark declaration at the end of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London on Friday

Police and MI5 to get greater powers to fight terror (Times) The police and MI5 will be given tough new powers to fast-track terrorist suspects to justice before they have finalised their attack plans after security chiefs admitted that they need a “step...

NITDA Commences Nationwide Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign (Leadership Newspaper) With the growing incidence of Nigerians falling victims of cash fraud to cybercriminals, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has kicked off nationwide cybersecurity awareness workshops to sensitize people on how to protect themselves online. The first and second phases of the series of workshop held in Katsina State for the North West zone […]

Trump sends cyber war strategy to Congress (Cyberscoop) President Donald Trump has sent a cyber warfare policy to Congress that outlines how the administration will tackle some of the field’s most vexing issues.

Senators chart path forward on election security bill (TheHill) Senators are working to again revise legislation designed to help guard digital voting infrastructure from cyberattacks after meeting with state officials.

White House announces new deputy national security advisor (Defense News) Mira Ricardel is a former Bush era defense official who also worked for Boeing.

New CTO to help NGA better leverage technology trends (C4ISRNET) NGA has created a new chief technology officer position that will act as an evangelist for innovation inside and outside the agency.

FDA plans to improve medical device cybersecurity (Help Net Security) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to tackle security issues related to medical devices and has released a plan of action it means to implement in the near future to, among other things, improve medical device cybersecurity.

Military seeks faster cyber acquisition turnaround ( The U.S. military is employing a mixture of procurement contracts and innovative practices to speed up the acquisition of defensive and offensive cyber technology.

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

The 'deep state' is real. But are its leaks against Trump justified? (the Guardian) Even the most severe critics of the US president should worry about this subtle form of anti-democratic abuse

Just and Unjust Leaks (Foreign Affairs) Revealing official secrets and lies involves a form of moral risk-taking. And drawing the line between the right and wrong kinds of disclosures has grown harder than ever in the Trump era.

DNC Files Civil Suit Against Trump, Russia Over Election Hacking (New York Law Journal) The suit drawing on the volume of reporting over the issue seeks to subject Trump campaign officials as well as Russia to the civil discovery process.

Trump's Attorney Cohen Drops Defamation Suits Over Steele Dossier (New York Law Journal) Days after appearing in federal court over material seized in a federal raid Cohen's attorney confirmed he's dropping suits in state and federal court against Buzzfeed which published the dossier and the political research group that commissioned it Fusion GPS.

Russian lawyer questions why Mueller hasn't contacted her ( A Russian lawyer who discussed sanctions with Donald Trump Jr. in New York during the 2016 U.S. election campaign says that she has not been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller

NY Attorney General Gets Pushback on Cryptocurrency Inquiry (New York Law Journal) After Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Investor Protection Bureau sent letters and questionnaires this week to 13 cryptocurrency trading platforms seeking information at least one said it won’t comply and a financial services regulation lawyer called the attorney general’s action “extraordinary.”

Democratic House IT scandal illustrates the hazards of reckless cybersecurity policy (TheHill) Democratic leaders have repeatedly shown themselves to be recklessly irresponsible when it comes to national security. The case of Imran Awan illustrates that the pattern of dangerous incompetence is particularly true of their approach to cybersecurity.

Facebook sued by personal finance guru Martin Lewis over ‘scam’ adverts (Times) The personal finance expert Martin Lewis is suing Facebook for allowing scammers to use his name and image in fake adverts on the social network. Mr Lewis will lodge an action for defamation...

Sturgeon ‘must reveal all Cambridge Analytica links’ (Times) Nicola Sturgeon is facing fresh demands to reveal more information on the SNP’s links to Cambridge Analytica after it was claimed that the party discussed Brexit with the data company before the EU...

Yulia Skripal’s fiancé linked to security services (Times) The fiancé of Yulia Skripal, who was poisoned by a nerve agent in Salisbury, works at an organisation with links to the Russian security services and has gone into hiding. Stepan Vikeev, 30, has...

Justice Department Probes U.S. Wireless Carriers’ Work on SIM Card Alternative (Wall Street Journal) The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether U.S. wireless carriers and an industry trade group teamed up to make it harder for cellphone subscribers to switch providers.

Dozens of companies told to preserve records for Equifax data breach court battle (Atlanta Business Journal) "The litigation concerns the largest and potentially most damaging data breach in history," notes one court document.

SunTrust Bank Says Former Employee Stole Details on 1.5 Million Customers (BleepingComputer) US-based SunTrust Bank said it is working with law enforcement after it discovered that a former employee had stolen private information belonging to nearly 1.5 million customers.

UK Teen Who Hacked CIA Chief Gets Two-Year Prison Term (SecurityWeek) British teenager who accessed the email accounts of top US intelligence and security officials including the head of the CIA was sentenced to two years in prison

Kingpin who made 100 million robocalls loses his voice (Naked Security) The man behind a cacophony of robocalls had little to say for himself on Capitol Hill

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Newly Noted Events

Cyber Ready 2018 Cybersecurity/Intel Conference (MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, USA, May 14, 2018) Major General Mike Ennis (USMC, ret), CIA National Clandestine Service's first Deputy Director for Community Human Intelligence (HUMINT), will deliver the keynote. The conference will also feature an all-audience...

Upcoming Events

5th Annual Cybersecurity Summit (McLean, Virginia, USA, April 24, 2018) Join the Potomac Officers Club for the Fifth Annual Cybersecurity Summit to hear from public and private sector leaders on how federal agencies can improve their respective data security measures.

Secutech (Taipei, Taiwan, April 25 - 27, 2018) To meet the rising demand for intelligent and customised solutions, Secutech converges security and safety, ICT, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, intelligent video analytics and...

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference Asia (Singapore, April 25 - 27, 2018) The Central ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Event of the Year for the APAC Region. Three days of multi-track training & workshops for days for operations, control systems and IT security professionals to connect...

INFILTRATE (Miami Beach, Florida, USA, April 26 - 27, 2018) INFILTRATE is a "pure offense" security conference aimed at the experienced to advanced practitioner. With the late-90s hacker con as its inspiration, the event has limited attendance in order to foster...

Automotive Cybersecurity Summit 2018 (Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 1 - 8, 2018) Smart Vehicles. Smart Infrastructures. The 2nd annual Automotive Cybersecurity Summit brings together public and private-sector manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers, technology providers and V2X partners...

Application of the Law of War to Cyber Operations (Washington, DC, USA, May 3, 2018) Cyber law experts meeting at the George Washington University will cover Title 10 vs. Title 32 vs. Title 50 and the lawful and operational restrictions related to these authorities. The panelists will...

Global Cyber Security in Healthcare & Pharma Summit (London, England, UK, May 3 - 4, 2018) The number of cyber-attacks in healthcare is on the rise, and the industry must do more to prevent and respond to these incidents. The Global Cyber Security in Healthcare & Pharma Summit 2018 will bring...

Decompiling the Government: Getting Technologists and Policymakers to Speak the Same Language (New York, New York, USA, May 3, 2018) This event brings together technologists and leading policymakers, lawyers, and journalists to bridge the gap between non-technical and technical cyber professionals and features Lisa Monaco, former Assistant...

Secure Summit DC (Washington, DC, USA, May 7 - 8, 2018) (ISC)² Secure Summit DC will assemble the best minds in cybersecurity for two days of insightful discussions, workshops and best-practices sharing. The goal of the event is to equip security leaders to...

HACKNYC (New York, New York, USA, May 8 - 10, 2018) The recent flood of data breach news may numb us to the threat of attacks with kinetic effects--direct or indirect physical damage, injury, or death. Hack NYC focus’ on our preparation for, and resilience...

Insider Threat Program Management With Legal Guidance Training Course (Herndon, Virginia, USA, May 8 - 9, 2018) This training will provide the ITP Manager, Facility Security Officer, and others (CIO, CISO, Human Resources, IT, Etc.) supporting an ITP, with the knowledge and resources to develop, manage, or enhance...

SecureWorld Kansas CIty (Kansas City, Missouri, USA, May 9, 2018) Connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity. SecureWorld conferences provide more content and facilitate more professional connections than any other event in the Information Security...

Cyber Investing Summit (New York, New York, USA, May 15, 2018) Now in its third year, the Cyber Investing Summit is an all-day conference focusing on investing in the cyber security industry, which is predicted to exceed $1 trillion in cumulative spending on products...

Third Annual Cyber Investing Summit (New York, New York, USA, May 15, 2018) Renowned cyber security executive David DeWalt will deliver the keynote address at the Third Annual Cyber Investing Summit. The Cyber Investing Summit is a unique all-day conference focused on the financial...

The Cyber Security Summit: Dallas (Dallas, Texas, USA, May 15, 2018) This event is an exclusive conference connecting Senior Level Executives responsible for protecting their company’s critical data with innovative solution providers & renowned information security experts.

Digital Utilitites Europe (Amserdam, the Netherlands, May 16 - 17, 2018) The conference will bring together key industry stakeholders to address the current challenges of the digitisation in the utilities sector. Join us in Amsterdam to hear latest business case studies and...

SecureWorld Houston (Houston, Texas, USA, May 17, 2018) Connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity. SecureWorld conferences provide more content and facilitate more professional connections than any other event in the Information Security...

Ignite18 (Anaheim, California, USA, May 21 - 24, 2018) Palo Alto Networks' sixth annual conference features highly technical insights based on firsthand experiences with next-generation security technologies, groundbreaking new threat research, or innovative...

AFCEA/GMU Critical Issues in C4I Symposium (Fairfax, Virginia, USA, May 22 - 23, 2018) The AFCEA/GMU Critical Issues in C4I Symposium brings academia, industry and government together annually to address important issues in technology and systems research and development. The agenda for...

3rd Annual Nuclear Industrial Control Cybersecurity and Resilience Overview (Warrington, England, UK, May 22 - 23, 2018) Now in its 3rd year, the Cyber Senate Nuclear Industrial Control Cyber Security and Resilience Conference will take place on May 22/23rd in Warrington United Kingdom. This two day executive forum will...

PCI Security Standards Council’s Asia-Pacific Community Meeting (Tokyo, Japan, May 23 - 24, 2018) Join us for: networking opportunities, updates on industry trends, insights and strategies on best practices, engaging keynotes and industry expert speakers. The PCI Security Standards Council’s 2018...

North American Financial Information Summit (New York, New York, USA, May 23, 2018) Data is the most vital asset of any financial services firm. With volumes increasing exponentially, and the complexity and structure continuously changing, it is more vital than ever to keep on top of...

SecureWorld Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 30 - 31, 2018) Connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity. SecureWorld conferences provide more content and facilitate more professional connections than any other event in the Information Security...

RISKSEC (New York, New York, USA, May 31, 2018) Welcome to the 2018 New York City RiskSec Conference. As SC Media approaches our 30th anniversary, we fully understand the avalanche of cybersecurity-related problems, responsibilities and aspirations...

Cyber:Secured Forum (Denver, Colorado, USA, June 4 - 6, 2018) Cyber:Secured Forum will feature in-depth content on cybersecurity trends and best practices as related to the delivery of physical security systems and other integrated systems. Content is being collaboratively...

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