Caleb Barlow
CEO, Cynergistek
Malek Ben Salem, PhD
Research Manager, Accenture Labs
Mike Benjamin
Head of Black Lotus Labs, Lumen Technologies
Betsy Carmelite
Senior Associate, Managed Threat Services, Booz Allen Hamilton
Dinah Davis
Vice President of Research & Development — Security Operations Platform, Arctic Wolf
David Dufour
Vice President of Engineering & Cybersecurity, Webroot
Thomas Etheridge
Vice President Services, CrowdStrike
Robert M Lee
CEO, Dragos Inc.
Andrea Little Limbago
Vice President, Research & Analysis, Interos
Kevin Magee
Chief Security and Compliance Officer, Microsoft Canada
Chris Novak
Global Director, Threat Research Advisory Center, Verizon
Daniel Prince
Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security, Partnerships Manager, Lancaster University
Zulfikar Ramzan, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, RSA
Awais Rashid
Professor of Cyber Security, University of Bristol
Josh Ray
Managing Director — Global Cyber Defense Lead & iDefense GM, Accenture
Johannes Ullrich
Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute
Craig Williams
Director Talos Outreach, Cisco