CyberWire Services
In addition to the freely-available news we publish daily, the CyberWire offers a range of other services to commercial, academic, and government organizations.
Sponsorship & Advertising

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The CyberWire Daily Briefing and other news products are available in machine readable format (JSON) via API. Syndication enables organizations to deliver the CyberWire Daily News Briefing to their users or customers with their own branding and formatting, free of sponsorship or advertising. Typically, the CyberWire's syndicated content is made available by syndicating companies to users via their enterprise portal, where its curated data can be stored, searched, and used in subsequent analysis with their toolsets.

Tailored News Products

The CyberWire's team of analysts, writers, and producers deliver news products tailored to address individual market verticals or track specific subjects. Tailored editions can also carry the customer's branding, and be delivered through public or private channels via our syndication services. We can also create tailored editions in text, audio, or video format, and deliver these on schedules to suit your organization's particular needs (daily, weekly, and monthly are typical schedules, although other delivery schedules can also be arranged). Our tailored news products can also be collaborative engagements that include content from the CyberWire and our customer's teams.

Take a look at some of the sample tailored editions we have prepared, including weeklies related to Banking & Finance, Energy, Automotive, the US Public Sector, and the 'Islamic State.'

Bespoke Research & Reports

For organizations needing specialized reports and research, we provide a variety of options for long-term or short-term support. From ad-hoc spot reporting to more complex products requiring inputs from across our network, we're happy to work with customers to find solutions that address their special needs.

Semantic Search Beta

The CyberWire team has collaborated with a leading provider of semantic search technologies to develop a tool for in-depth searching of the of the articles and entities across our entire corpus of data developed since 2012. Options are also available to integrate customer data with the CyberWire corpus. Contact us for a demonstration and pricing.