CSO Perspectives (Pro)

CSO Perspectives (Pro)

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This is not your typical security interview show. Join CSO and Chief Analyst, Rick Howard, as he discusses the ideas, strategies and technologies that senior cybersecurity executives wrestle with on a daily basis. Rick is regularly joined by CyberWire's Hash Table experts to offer opposing viewpoints, diverse perspectives and hash out differences when theory and practice collide.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 92 | 11.28.22

MITRE ATT&CK In the Cloud.

Kyle Pellett, the Senior Detection and Response Analyst at Expel, discusses how to use the MITRE ATT&CK® framework in the cloud.

Ep 91 | 11.14.22

Current State of Identity.

Andre Durand, the CEO of Ping, discusses the current state of identity in the infosec community and where it might be leading us in the near future.

Ep 90 | 10.31.22

Veterans Day Special.

The Cyberwire honors U.S. veterans on the national holiday.

Ep 5562 | 10.30.22

Bonus: CISO Insights. A Fortinet-sponsored webinar on convergence: reducing the number of tools in the security stack.

Integrating (converging) cybersecurity across organizations and jurisdictions is of growing interest in both the public and private sectors. Ransomware has demonstrated that criminal cyber activity can paralyze the operations of critical infrastructure in even well-resourced industries. During this expert panel moderated by Rick Howard of The CyberWire, we explore the impact of convergence on cybersecurity across the network, edge, and multi-cloud environments with guests Jim Richberg, Fortinet’s Field CISO for the Public Sector, Aiden Walden, Fortinet’s CTO of the Cloud Practice, and Willi Nelson, Fortinet’s Field CISO for Operational Technology.

Ep 89 | 9.26.22

Two risk forecasting data scientists, and Rick, walk into a bar.

Rick Howard discusses the how-to of outside-in Fermi estimates with Cyentia data scientists Wade Baker and David Severskim.

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CSO Perspectives (Pro)
Rick Howard
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Rick Howard is CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow at the CyberWire. Past lives include CSO at Palo Alto Networks, TASC, iDefense GM, Counterpane SOC Director, and the Army's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Commander. Rick served 25 years in the Army, taught computer science at West Point, and edited two books. Rick is regularly joined by the CyberWire's Hash Table experts.
Schedule: Mondays (in season)
Credits: Edited by John Petrik and executive produced by Peter Kilpe. Our theme song is by Blue Dot Sessions, remixed by the insanely talented Elliott Peltzman, who also does the show's mixing, sound, and original score
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