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The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.30.16

More on the MedStar Health hack—looking a lot like ransomware (and ransomware's evolving). Eastern European gang hunts Big Law's data (for illicit stock trading). FBI says it's opened jihadist's iPhone (Apple wants to know how) & DoJ hints at more decryption litigation. Scotland Yard thinks you'd be more careful if banks didn't compensate you for fraud.

In today's Daily Podcast we hear about the ongoing story of the MedStar Health hack, which anonymous sources say was ransomware. The incident remains under investigation. We hear about ransomware's evolution, from Tripwire and others. Big Law finds itself in the crosshairs of a Russian (or Ukrainian?) cyber gang. The Justice Department hints at more litigation over decryption. We talk to the University of Maryland's Markus Rauschecker about the NIST Framework, and we finish our conversation with Zimperium about their successful experience integrating their mobile security solution with a big telecom's services.

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