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The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.18.16

US DNI Clapper submits his long-expected resignation, says Moscow curtailed election hacking. UK arrests suspects in Three Mobile hack. Updates on Android spyware and banking Trojans. Siri might be helping bypass your iPhone's lockscreen. More good than bad news about ransomware. Industry notes. China explains (and self-praises) its Internet controls.

In today's podcast, we hear about US DNI Clapper's long-expected resignation and his contention that attributing election hacking to Russia seems to have induced Moscow to "curtail" such operations. The UK arrests suspects in an upgrade fraud scheme suffered by Three Mobile and its customers. Updates on Android spyware and banking Trojans. Siri might be helping bypass your iPhone's lockscreen. There's good and bad news about ransomware, but, happily, more good than bad. A quick review of the week's industry news, with an emphasis on cyber security start-ups. Dr. Charles Clancy from Virginia Tech's Hume Center outlines Virginia's new Cyber Security Range initiative. Sara Sorcher from the Christian Science Monitor's Passcode provides an overview of what we might expect from the Trump presidency. And, in China, wisdom sees a passing of the Mandate of Heaven in cyberspace. Or that's what wisdom's spokesmen are saying, anyway.

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