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The CyberWire Week-in-Review 2.22.16 – 2.26.16

Utilities are advised to isolate their control systems from the Internet. Crimeware is industrialized. More cyber gangs turn to ransomware. Operation Blockbuster sees North Korea behind the Lazarus Group (and the Sony hack). Cylance describes Operation Dust Storm, a campaign directed at critical infrastructure via targets in Japan. A major study suggests that the healthcare sector has misunderstood its cyber risk. ISIS yaps back at Twitter and Facebook. The US Government looks for ways of fostering cyber exports. Apple and the FBI square off over the All Writs Act and the First and Fifth Amendments. Bastille describes "MouseJack."

In this podcast, we discuss threats to utilities, the industrialization of crimeware, and the prevalence of ransomware. We learn about Operation Dust Storm, the Lazarus Group, and the ways in which social media companies are engaging extremism (and what the extremists think about that). A report on healthcare cyber security is out, and we get an update on US trade policy. We update you on the Apple-FBI dispute, and the University of Maryland's Markus Rauschecker thinks a blue-ribbon panel on security and privacy isn't a bad idea at all.

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