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The CyberWire Week-in-Review 2.29.16 – 3.4.16

RSA wraps up, with much discussion of machine learning and much debate over Apple's beef with the FBI. (Sentiment in the hall was generally pro-Apple.) The US Department of Defense steps up its cyber offensive against ISIS, and calls for industry help in securing its own systems. Angler is still out there, chumming cyberspace with ransomware, and some new point-of-sale malware is spreading like a worm. And cyber threat intelligence comes to the foreground.

In this podcast, we sum up some of what we heard at RSA. We follow the progress of the dispute between Apple and RSA, and we review the state-of-play of crimeware. The US undertakes a cyber offensive against ISIS. And another dating site appears to have been breached. Guest Rick Howard, CSO at Palo Alto Networks, talks about threat intelligence sharing, and Accenture Lab's Malek Ben Salem talks about knowing who to trust.

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