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Hacking Humans Episode List

Each week the CyberWire’s Hacking Humans Podcast looks behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world. We talk to social engineering experts, security pros, cognitive scientists, and those practiced in the arts of deception (perhaps even a magician or two). We also hear from people targeted by social engineering attacks and learn from their experiences.

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Episode List

Life in the (second) age of pirates.
Dave has an account from a man who was almost scammed by an impersonation of his own close friend. Joe has the story of a sophisticated phishing scheme involving Microsoft Office 365. The catch of the day goes all the way back to the age of pirates. Carole Theriault interviews Andrew Brandt from Sophos regarding their 2020 threat report.
Ransomware is a reality.
Dave has a master list of cyberbadness. Joe has some handy red flags this tax season straight from our beloved IRS. The catch of the day features an alluring proposition from someone who is probably not "Sofia". Our guest is Devon Kerr with Elastic Security Intelligence and Analytics who shares his insights about Ransomware.
Leading by example and positive reenforcement.
Dave has a warning from a galaxy far, far away. Joe has a report of a scam attempt on a listener who fancies fancy pens. The catch of the day features a Tinder dating app bot scam. Our guest is Dennis Dillman from Barracuda Networks, sharing his thoughts on employee training.
Managing access and insider threats.
Joe's wife has been getting suspicious shipping notices. Dave describes a phone scam where crooks intercept phone calls. The catch of the day turns the tables on a would-be scammer. Carole Theriault speaks with Peter Draper from Gurucul about their 2020 Insider Threat Report.
If you didn't ask for it don't install it.
Dave describes a gas-pump hidden camera scam. Joe shares the story of a fraudulent Microsoft Windows Update notice. The catch of the day involves a scammer making use of an online celebrity's profile picture. Our guest is Karl Sigler from Trustwave with tips for staying safe online through the holidays.
I really wanted that shed.
Joe shares the story of a woman losing her life savings to a scammer claiming to be from the FBI. Dave describes the $139 shed scam. The catch of the day is another threat of revealing compromising photos. Carole Theriault speaks with Chris Bush from ObserveIT about security threats from employee burnout.
Security has to be friendly.
Dave wonders about Juice Jacking warnings. Joe shares findings from Agari's latest email fraud and identity deception report. The catch of the day promises romance in exchange for airline tickets. Our guests are David Spark and Allan Alford, cohosts of the Defense in Depth podcast.
Skepticism is the first step.
Joe shares stories of typo-squatting. Dave reminds warns us against responding to malicious email, even just for fun. The catch of the day is from a listener, leading on a romance scammer. Carole Theriault returns with an interview with Chris Olson from The Media Trust on how targeted advertising can enable election interference.
When you are the target, objectivity is gone.
Joe shares a report on who's more susceptible for scams. Dave shares a story from a listener who was hit by a scam attempt while staying at a hotel. Our catch of the day involves an attempt to scam someone selling a motorcycle. Our guest is Maria Konnikova, an award-winning author, journalist, and international champion poker player. Her latest book is The Biggest Bluff.
Don't dismiss the fraudsters.
Dave describes a credential gathering scam targeting users of the Stripe online payment system. Joe responds to an email message from his boss, and learns a valuable lesson. Our catch of the day follows someone as they string along a text messaging scammer. Carole Theriault returns with an interview with J Bennett of Signifyd, and AI firm fighting romance scams.
The ability to fundamentally deceive someone.
Joe has the story of a convincing scammer who makes an innocent woman doubt herself. Dave describes an online utility that helps users delete unwanted user accounts and also rates the difficulty of doing so. The catch of the day requests help in an investment scam (but lacks punctuation). Our guest is Henry Ajder from Deeptrace Labs on their research on Deep Fakes.
The fallacy of futility.
Dave describes a ponzi scheme that bought up legitimate investment firms. Joe shares research into deep fakes. The catch of the day includes an invitation to join the illuminati. Ray [REDACTED] returns with followup from his prior visit, along with new information to share.
Don't trust the ransomware to tell you its real name.
Joe describes online redirect scams, URL encoding and the clever combination of the two. Dave shares delightful satire about Russian brides and Nigerian princes, together at last. The catch of the day involves a student getting the best of scammers, getting them to send him money. Our guest is Fabian Wosar from Emsisoft, well-known for decrypting ransomware.
The ultimate hacking tool.
Joe reviews highlights from a Proofpoint report on the human aspects of cyber attacks. Dave describes the FTC's cases against online dating site Match.com. The catch of the day comes straight from Her Majesty the Queen. Carole Theriault returns with an interview with Corin Imai, Senior Security adviser at DomainTools, about phishing attacks they’ve been tracking in the UK.
The usefulness of single sign on.
Joe outlines online threats from social media. Dave shares a story of scammers try to scare a community into purchasing security products. The catch of the day features a promise of riches from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Our guest is Yaser Masoudnia from Logmein who addresses listener questions about Single Sign On.
Algorithms controlling truth in our society.
Special guest host Graham Cluley joins Dave while Joe takes a short break. Dave shares the success of the FBI's reWired campaign which has apprehended alleged scammers around the world. Graham describes a website hoping to spare users the hardship of multifactor authentication. The catch of the day involves a generous soccer star. Our guest is Matt Price from ZeroFOX with insights on Deep Fake technology.
An ethical hacker can be a teacher.
A listener updates us on "notice of arrest" policies. Dave notes increased instances of Google Calendar spam. Joe shares a claim that AI voice mimicry was used to dupe a company out of nearly a quarter million dollars. (Dave is skeptical.) The catch of the day accuses the target of naughty behavior. Carole Theriault interviews ethical hacker Zoe Rose.
Think before you post.
Follow-up from down under. Joe shares the story of a Mom scammed out of Gaelic Football League tickets. Dave describes a bounty hunter hoaxing suicide threats to get location information from mobile providers. The catch of the day requires a response from the grave. Our guest is Ben Yelin, senior law and policy analyst from the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security. He digs in to a particular Facebook scam that refuses to die.
Securing your SMS.
Dave shares a story of digital voice assistants being channeled toward scammers. Joe tracks scammers taking advantage of social tools on the Steam gaming platform. The catch of the day involves South African kickbacks. Our guest is researcher/technologist Ray [REDACTED], who shares his expertise on scammers targeting SMS.
Backups backups backups.
Joe describes a primitive (but effective) phishing scheme being tracked by Bleeping Computer. Dave shares news from a Black Hat presentation on phishing stats from Google. The catch of the day is a friendly invitation from Hawaii. Our guest is Michael Gillespie from Emsisoft describing the ID Ransomware project.