Hacking Humans 9.21.23
Ep 260 | 9.21.23

Hackers play the evasion game.

Show Notes

This week our guest is, John Hammond from Huntress and he sits down to talk about spoofing and evasion techniques used by hackers. Dave and Joe share a bit of follow up, including a question form listener John who writes in asking about a passkey discussion in the last episode. Joe has a story from Reddit this week, where someone posted about a dispute they are having with their wedding caterer, where the company is saying the couple still owes them over $5,000 after the wedding has happened for umbrellas, the person posting wants to know what they should do about this argument. Dave's story is from Retool, where they are warning customers after an employee of theirs fell victim to a phishing scheme through SMS. Our catch of the day comes from the University of Alabama department of engineering, where the receiver of a suspicious looking email is being "sued" after owing $300 and not paying it back.

Links to follow-up and stories:

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