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Jeremiah Clark - The Most Insecure Security Tool of All

Employees represent the biggest threat to an organization, the absolute hinderance to an effective cyber security posture. From clicking on a link to monitor a giraffe's birthing status, to installing new software via USB, or hoarding government secrets to give to WikiLeaks - humans are the weakest link in the chain. How can we do a better job of detecting, mitigating, and managing this threat?

Jeremiah Clark is the Technical Director of Threat at Carbon Black, driving strategy and innovation for next generation endpoint security. Prior to joining Carbon Black, Jeremiah worked at Microsoft as a Reverse Engineer on the Incident Response team and a Secure Development consultant. Jeremiah's experience is rooted in a decade working in offensive and defensive cyber security at multiple intelligence and military agencies in the Department of Defense.

Presented at the Jailbreak Security Summit, April 28, 2017, Laurel, Maryland, USA.
(Source: Jailbreak Brewing Company)