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Jonathan Levin - Know Your Unknowns: Runtime Analysis of Suspicious Software

This talk will focus on one of the most difficult problems reverse engineers, malware and security researchers face: How to determine what an unknown software does. Focusing on Android and iOS, as well as their desktop counterparts (Linux and MacOS), Jonathan will discuss and demonstrates tools and techniques for monitoring process access to system resources and kernel APIs.

Jonathan Levin is a trainer and consultant specializing in operating system internals. He is the author of definitive books on Android Internals as well as "Mac OS X and iOS Internals" (now in its second edition), and provides plentiful tools and research for the community on the books' web sites. He is founder and CTO of, a group of like-minded expert trainers and consultants.

Presented at the Jailbreak Security Summit, April 28, 2017, Laurel, Maryland, USA.
(Source: Jailbreak Brewing Company)