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Daily Briefing 8.16.17

Holyrood hit with brute-force. Equation Group exploits likely to continue to cause trouble. Compromise or trolling? Terrorist inspiration finds its outlets. Trickbot's convincing counterfeits. PowePoint malware a test?

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Daily Podcast 8.16.17

NIST SP 800-53 updated. Attack on Scotland Parliament's email system. Consequences of Equation Group leaks. "Mr. Smith" and HBO. Attacks of note: Trickbot, OLE exploits, NetSarang backdoor. Extremist inspiration. BEC.

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Week that Was 8.13.17

WikiLeaks releases "CouchPotato" documents. NotPetya's lingering business effects. Fancy Bear is in hotel Wi-Fi. Hybrid warfare updates. Rumors of DNC insider threat. HBO hack updates. GDPR notes. Password guidelines recanted. NIST's workforce framework. Crime and punishment. Patches. Industry notes.

Women in Intelligence: Navigating a Male-Dominated Field
In this episode we hear from three women working in cybersecurity intelligence. We’ll learn about their sometimes indirect journeys toward tech, challenges they faced along the way, and we’ll get their advice for navigating what is still a male-dominated field.
4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception in cooperation with our partner the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland (CAMI) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, in Baltimore, MD.
Black Hat 2017 – Research and Investment: A CyberWire Special Edition
Black Hat 2017 has wrapped up, and by all accounts it was another successful conference, with an active trade show floor, exciting keynotes and engaging, informative educational sessions on a variety of topics...
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North Korea’s Not So Crazy After All
When it comes to North Korea, there are a variety of images that may come to mind. Eccentric, erratic leadership, suffering citizens, isolation from the rest of the global community, and lately, of course, the testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. When it comes to cybersecurity and threat intelligence, North Korea is known for cybercrime, perhaps most notably the WannaCry ransomware and the Sony hack.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, August 2017
The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea conducted another missile test on Friday, July 28. The test vehicle appeared to have reached an altitude of about 2300 miles in its 45-minute flight, which suggests an intercontinental range...
Petya, PetrWrap, GoldenEye, and WannaCry: a ransomware pandemic scorecard.

The malware pandemic that broke out of initial infections in Ukraine on Tuesday, June 27th, is the familiar Petya ransomware, modified to incorporate the EternalBlue exploit. Here's a rundown, with commentary by the experts.

The CyberWire Quarterly Report, Q2 2017

he second quarter of 2017 opened with doubts about espionage and influence operations in cyberspace. As this quarter comes to an end, we're witnessing the effective eclipse of both cybercrime and hacktivism by state action, indeed, by hybrid warfare...

The WannaCry Ransomware Pandemic: Week One and the Weeks to Come.

WannaCry is closing out its first week in the wild. To summarize, China and Russia have been hardest hit, with the largest number of infections striking unpatched Windows 7...

US Executive Order on Cybersecurity (with industry reactions).

US President Trump signed his long-anticipated Executive Order on cyber security. Its sections address "Cybersecurity of Federal Networks," "Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure," and "Cybersecurity for the Nation." It's a Federal-Government-centric order...

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