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Daily Briefing 4.25.18

DPRK offense/defense. Russian disinformation. PyRoMine's EternalRomance. Chicago hack raises staging fears. Huawei's hot water.

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Daily Podcast 4.25.18

DPRK plays offense and defense. PyRoMine and EternalRomance. Russian disinformation on Syrian massacre. Alt-coin heist may be misdirection. Nakasone confirmed at NSA. Webstresser takedown.

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Week that Was 4.21.18

Deterrence, cyber conflict, and current tensions. BEC and bad apps. Patching news. Industry notes.

RSA: Cyber conflict and cyber restraint.
An overview of what we saw at RSA 2018, with particular emphasis on deterrence and appeals for international restraint.
The Importance of Adversarial Focus
Our guest today is Greg Reith. We’ll learn about his career, get his thoughts on leadership and assembling teams, and how he’s learned to integrate threat intelligence into his work. He’ll also describe a technique called “adversarial focus.” We’ll learn what that is and why it’s important to understand.
Research Saturday 4.21.18

Researchers with Arbor Networks ASERT team have been tracking a malware campaign targeting commercial manufacturing, and have uncovered various samples dating back to at least 2016. Richard Hummel is Threat Intelligence Manager for Arbor Networks' ASERT Team, and he takes us through what they've discovered.

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7 of the Top 10 Vulnerabilities Target Microsoft
Researchers at Recorded Future recently published a report titled, “The Top 10 Vulnerabilities Used by Cybercriminals.” The report reveals that seven out of the top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities in 2017 targeted Microsoft products. We’ve got pair of experts from Recorded Future to take us through their findings.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, April 2018
Boeing detected the presence of WannaCry malware on some of its systems in South Carolina. The affected facility is mainly engaged in 777 production. Boeing said it swiftly isolated and remediated the infection, and that production and normal operations were unaffected....
Blockchains that bind us — CyberWire Special Edition

The past few months have been all abuzz with excitement about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The price of Bitcoin took a rocket ride toward the stars, and stories were coming fast and furious about how the blockchain was going to transform and revolutionize just about everything.

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5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception on Thursday, October 18, 2018, in Washington, DC.
Innovation in the Old Line State: the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards
Event Coverage

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland met for its second annual awards celebration. Convening again at Baltimore's Visionary Art Museum at Federal Hill beside the Inner Harbor, Maryland Cybersecurity celebrated some of the state's leading innovators and practitioners in information security.

Star Wars Episode IV 1 d The Pentesters Strike Back
It is a period of cyber war. In an effort to sustain commerce during these challenging times, the Galactic Trade Federation has required that the Empire retain the services of a consultancy on Kessel (a best-value provider, and only twelve parsecs away) to assess the state of their security before signing...

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