Meet the team.


Rick Howard
CSO, Chief Analyst
Perry Carpenter
Joe Carrigan
Senior Security Engineer, JHU-ISI
Andrew Hammond
Writer, Researcher, Editor & Executive Producer
Ann Johnson
Carole Theriault
UK Correspondent
David Moulton
Maria Varmazis
Ben Yelin, JD
Program Director, Public Policy and External Affairs, UMD-CHHS
Marc van Zadelhoff
CEO, Devo Inc.


Peter Kilpe
CEO, Editor-in-Chief
Brandon Karpf
Executive Editor
Tim Nodar
Staff Writer
Jennifer Eiben
Contributing Editor
Gina Johnson
Contributing Writer
Bennett Moe
Contributing Editor


Brandon Karpf
VP of Programming
Jennifer Eiben
VP, Executive Producer
Erin Dietrick
Producer of SpyCast
Bret Arsenault
Producer of Microsoft Podcasts
Elliott Peltzman
Director of Sound
Tré Hester
Sound Engineer
Liz Irvin
Associate Podcast Producer


Denise Anderson
President, CEO, Health-ISAC
Jerry Archer
CSO, Sallie Mae
Vikrant Arora
CISO, Hospital for Special Surgery
Merritt Baer
Principal, AWS Office of the CISO
Malek Ben Salem, PhD
Research Manager, Accenture Labs
Mike Benjamin
Head of Black Lotus Labs, Lumen Technologies
Alan Berry
CISO, Centene
Joe Carrigan
Senior Security Engineer, JHU-ISI
Betsy Carmelite
Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Dawn Cappelli
Director OT CERT, Dragos
Dinah Davis
Vice President of Research & Development — Security Operations Platform, Arctic Wolf
Deepen Desai
Global CISO, Zscaler
Rick Doten
CISO, Carolina Complete Health
Tim Eades
Co-Founding Partner at Cyber Mentor Fund & CEO of vArmour
Amanda Fennell
CSO/CIO, Prove
Kevin Ford
CISO, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)
Nikk Gilber
Mike Higgins
Director of Security, Amazon Pharmacy
Ann Johnson
CVP, Business Development SCI, Microsoft
Robert M Lee
CEO, Dragos Inc.
Andrea Little Limbago
Vice President, Research & Analysis, Interos
William MacMillan
Chief Product Officer, Stealth Incubation, Red Cell Partners
Kevin Magee
Chief Security and Compliance Officer, Microsoft Canada
Etay Maor
Senior Director Security Strategy, Cato Networks
Gary McAlum
Former CSO and Military Cyber Officer
Grayson Milbourne
Security Intelligence Director
Jaclyn Miller
Head of InfoSec and IT, DispatchHealth.
Wayne Moore
CISO, Simply Business
Greg Notch
CISO, Expel
Chris Novak
Global Director, Threat Research Advisory Center, Verizon
Helen Patton
Advisory CISO, Cisco Secure
Tom Quinn
CISO, T. Rowe Price
Josh Ray
Managing Director — Global Cyber Defense Lead & iDefense GM, Accenture
Jenn Reed
Principal Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Roselle Safran
CEO and Founder, KeyCaliber
Kathleen Smith
Chief Outreach Officer, ClearedJobs.Net
Dr. Georgianna Shea
CCTI and TCIL Chief Technologist, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Bobbie Stempfley
VP, Business Unit Security Officer, Dell Technologies
Bob Turner
Field CISO — Education, Fortinet
Johannes Ullrich
Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute
Zan Vautrinot
Major General (retired), Board of Directors, multiple corporations
Ted Wagner
CISO, SAP National Security Services
Errol Weiss
CSO, Health-ISAC
Don J. Welch Ph.D.
VP Information Technology and Global University CIO, New York University
Craig Williams
Director Talos Outreach, Cisco
Steve Winterfeld
Advisory CISO, Akamai
Caroline Wong
Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Rebecca Wynn
Global Chief Security Strategist & CISO, Click Solutions Group
Ben Yelin, JD
Program Director, Public Policy and External Affairs, UMD-CHHS

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Bennett Moe
VP, Sales & AdOps
Nick Veliky
Sales Executive
Gina Johnson
Sales & Operations Associate


Chris Russell
VP, Engineering
Puru Prakash
Senior Software Engineer