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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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Protecting the Financial Sector Never Goes out of Style

Daniel Cuthbert, global head of cybersecurity research at Banco Santander, discusses his work in the finance industry, his path to cybersecurity, and more.

Recent Podcasts
Episode 1010

PupyRAT was found in a European energy organization: it may be associated with Iranian threat actors. Another threat actor, the Konni Group, was active...

Episode 1009

There’s more phishing around the Arabian Gulf, but it doesn’t look local. Reactions to Brazil’s indictment of Glenn Greenwald. The forensic report on Jeff...

Episode 1008

UN rapporteurs say that the Saudi Crown Prince was probably involved in the installation of spyware on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s personal phone. Brazilian...

Episode 1007

A new RAT goes after Arabic-speaking targets. Updates on US-Iranian tension in cyberspace. An Internet Explorer bug is being exploited in the wild; a patch...

Clever breaches demonstrate IoT security gaps.

Some of our favorite and most trusted IoT devices help make us feel secure in our homes. From garage door openers to the locks on our front doors, we trust Steve Povolny is head of advanced research at McAfee; we discuss a pair of research projects they recently published involving popular IoT devices.

Episode 1006

Hacks and rumors of hacks surrounding US-Iranian tension. Ukrainian authorities are looking into the Burisma hack, and they’d like FBI assistance. The...

Episode 1005

Proof-of-concept exploits for the CryptoAPI vulnerability Microsoft patched this week have been released. CISA warns the chemical industry to look to its...

Life in the (second) age of pirates.

Dave has an account from a man who was almost scammed by an impersonation of his own close friend. Joe has the story of a sophisticated phishing scheme...

Cell phone tracking and the future of data value.

Dave shares a story from Gizmodo about lawsuits aimed at Ring and Amazon. You asked - Ben listened - his take on an op-ed from the New York Times about...

Episode 1004

NSA gives Microsoft a heads-up about a Windows vulnerability, and CISA is right behind them with instructions for Federal civilian agencies and advice...

Episode 1003

NSA discloses a vulnerability to Microsoft so it can be patched quickly. Intrusion Truth describes thirteen front companies for China’s APT40--they’re...

Episode 1002

The FBI reiterates prudent, consensus warnings about a heightened probability of cyberattacks from Iran, but so far nothing beyond credential-spraying...