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Sherri Ramsay
Former Director of the NTOC, National Security Agency. Currently an executive with CyberPoint International

I read the CyberWire every day. While quite a few publications are on my reading list, I turn to the CyberWire first. Its concise synthesis of relevant news and analysis, along with the intelligently organized links to all of supporting sources makes it an incredibly useful starting point for me to stay current. If I’m pressed for time, I rely on the summary to give me the critical news I need to know for the day. I find it particularly valuable that in just a few words the CyberWire spans the big-picture geopolitical events to new breeds of malware, including details on recently discovered vulnerabilities and their respective patches. If the CyberWire had been available while I was the NTOC Director, I would have made it required reading for my team. It would have provided valuable context for the threat intelligence, situational awareness and technical data we were analyzing day in and day out.

Dan Ennis
Former Director, NTOC, National Security Agency, currently Executive Director of the University of Maryland Global Initiative on Cyber

In the Government, I had an especially competent and effective technical organization that produced relevant and timely information on cyber threat and defense. As I retired, I looked around for something to fill the information void and, while I cannot replace the classified insight I got on a daily basis, there is a tremendous amount of informative open source news that is available...... if you can find it. The problem for me, as I start a new business, is finding the time to effectively cull through the reams of information, news and relevant periodicals to discern what might be useful for me personally. Luckily, shortly after retiring I happened upon the CyberWire....which not only provides a daily comprehensive dose of what is going on in the cyber world, but it is delivered right to my email, highlighting digestible summaries that allow me to pick and choose on what I want to focus on.... allowing me to click on any item I want the full story on. I frankly read it every day and have recommended it to multiple persons that I have engaged across the cyber world.

Cybersecurity is one of the key challenges of our time, and the speed of change in this space only adds to the problem. It traverses all phases of our lives and it is not just a government problem to solve. Anyone involved in this business needs to stay connected and knowledgeable......it is this knowledge that will prove the key to future success in cyber defenses across government, the private sector and academia.... this publication is my key resource to stay connected.

Stuart McClure
CEO, Cylance

Cylance greatly appreciates the high-quality programming at the CyberWire, which features truly incisive interviews and reporting from some of the best minds in security. If there was ever a time that a regular, in-depth security briefing was needed by the community, that time is now. Cylance is very proud to support The CyberWire.

Robert R. Ackerman, Jr.
Managing Director and Founder, Allegis Capital

There are only 168 hours in the week and in the fast moving world of cybersecurity, that’s just not enough time to stay on top of important global developments. CyberWire does the hard work for me – collecting the most important breaking news from around the world and delivering it to my in-box in a compressed, easy to digest format. The ability to understand developments in cyberspace at the 35,000 foot level and drill down on the subjects of greatest interest to me, saves my most precious commodity – time. I start every day with CyberWire and their podcasts are always a “must listen”. Clear, unbiased and refreshingly crisp - CyberWire delivers on its commitment to find the signal in the cyber noise.

Anton T. Dahbura, Ph.D.
Executive Director Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute

The CyberWire is one of the most valuable information tools I know of for the cybersecurity professional. It’s my daily must-read because it’s the most comprehensive and readable consolidator of the most important cyber-related news and developments. In fact, I value the CyberWire so highly that we make it mandatory for our cyber students to subscribe to it; I frequently ask the students questions about topics taken from the CyberWire to ensure that they’re on top of cyber news. We’ve even organized a contest in a quiz show format with questions taken from the CyberWire to encourage our students to pay attention to the developments in their field. The CyberWire keeps me on top of my field.

Rick Howard
CSO, Palo Alto Networks

What I love about my job is that it changes all the time. There is always something new to learn; something exciting just around the bend; something that nobody has ever seen before. What I hate about my job is that there is always something new to learn; something exciting just around the bend; something that nobody has ever seen before. It is very hard to keep up with it all. I am constantly looking for sources of information that can condense exactly what I need to know in a very short amount of time or space. I have even tried to create that service myself a few times in my career and failed miserably at the task. What I have found is that I keep coming back to the CyberWire to get my news. Their email product and their podcast are never quite far away from me. The information I get from both of those products is essential to how well I do my job.

Robert M. Lee
CEO and Founder, Dragos, Inc.

The CyberWire offers a fresh take on cybersecurity news and events with compelling interviews and high quality content. Folks need relevant and easily digestible news such as the CyberWire’s podcast and articles; Dragos is happy to support this endeavor and derives value from doing so. It makes it even better that the staff at the CyberWire are very easy to get along with and that they are also located in the Baltimore area. From one Maryland company to another - best of luck!

Robert Lord
CEO, Protenus

The CyberWire is a must-listen podcast for me every day on my way to work. The CyberWire starts my morning with not only a high-quality summary of what I need to know about our industry, but also interesting interviews that discuss novel topics in greater depth. This rare combination of effective executive summary and engaging, longer-form content is what makes the podcast so unique. I heartily recommend it to anyone in our industry!

Eric Patterson
Executive Director, SANS Technology Institute

I listen to the CyberWire podcast during my morning drive to stay aware of emerging developments, trends, and challenges. Their timely and careful reporting strikes a finely nuanced balance that is useful to a wide variety of interested listeners, from beginner through practitioner. As the director of a cutting-edge cybersecurity graduate school, what I hear on the CyberWire contributes to our thinking about how we prepare the next generation of infosec leaders. As a father of digital natives, I rely upon their podcast to sensitize my children (who know in which country to go to look for Cozy Bear!) to the need for personal online safety and security. In the continuously and rapidly evolving world of information security, knowledge is power and the concisely informative CyberWire podcast is an invaluable tool.

Stephen Frank
Director, Technology & Security, National Hockey League Players’ Association

The CyberWire podcast serves as that daily shot of espresso for the infosec professional on the go, consisting of an easily consumable narrative that is both stimulating and informative on all matters related to cybersecurity.

Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals

Our New Favorite Cyber Security Podcast: The CyberWire, by Pratt Street Media. The CyberWire is unique in that it manages to provide concise and relevant briefings on critical cybersecurity topics. In less than 20 minutes, the podcast delivers fantastic cyber content without sacrificing nuance. Even if cyber is not directly within your area of responsibility, having a baseline understanding of the industry will pay dividends.

Caleb Barlow
Vice President, Threat Intelligence, IBM Security X-Force

The CyberWire podcast quickly gets to the essential information professionals need to understand what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity. It’s required listening for our analysts and range staff at the start of every day.

Phil Neray
VP, Industrial Cybersecurity, CyberX

The CyberWire is my essential source of daily cybersecurity news, nicely packaged in a brief 15 to 20-minute podcast I can listen to on my way home from work each day. The writing is superb, and the podcast has a unique mix of high-level business and geopolitical trends combined with clear and detailed explanations of technical hacking techniques. The podcast also has a unique world view including historical and military perspectives that add a wise and insightful context to today’s news and trends. Finally, the value is psychological as well as educational—thanks to the hilarious humor the writers inject into each episode. Thank you, The CyberWire.

Chris Wolski
Director Information Security & Data Protection, Perdue Farms Inc.

My days are packed full from the time I get up in the morning until I settle down to relax in the evening. With a bit of dry humor tossed in, the CyberWire prepares me at the beginning of each day by presenting me the “evening news” by reporting the relevant and important topics in information security. This information allows me to make effective use of my time during my commute, gives me food for thought, and helps me to better frame the important events for relay on to other executives in my organization. The podcast reminds me of the daily intel briefs that my team or I would have to give senior leadership, and knowing the importance of those briefs, accentuates the importance that the CyberWire plays in my day-to-day battle rhythm.