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CyberWire Team

Cyber security-focused, trusted, and independent.

We’re a cyber security-focused news service and a trusted, independent voice in the marketplace. We deliver concise, accessible, and relevant content, separating the signal from the noise in a burgeoning industry, overloaded with information and competing messages.

Real people.

Our news products are created by real people—analysts, experts and writers with their ears to the ground. Of course, we use automation and create our own technologies to help us along the way, but the news we share has been carefully curated by people working hard and thinking about what matters to the users of cyberspace.

Information and education.

Cyberspace is a safer place when its users are informed and educated. To this end, we're committed to offering publications and programs where professionals, executives, students, and security enthusiasts alike can learn something new and keep up-to-date on an industry that seemingly changes by the hour. And while we’ll always share the good and bad news in our industry, we steer clear of the gossip, sensationalism, and the marketing buzz that often distract from the stories that really matter.

Local roots.

We are fortunate to have started out in Baltimore, just a stone's throw from some of the world's most important cyber security organizations from government, private industry, and academia. And today we're smack in the middle of a vibrant and rapidly growing tech community (just outside of Baltimore) with an ever-growing number of innovative cyber security startups, along with the pioneers that helped create our industry. As we look for news and insights, often it’s as easy as looking just around the corner.

Global reach.

We benefit immensely from working in a region at the crossroads of international activity in both the public and private sector. We’re also connected with experts from all over the world. Every day, individuals and organizations directly bring us news, provide insights, and pitch us stories and interviews. This continual engagement helps us bring you the news you’ve come to rely on and continually improve our publications and programs. We're always learning, and our international friends and partners have been an invaluable part of making the CyberWire what it is today.

CyberWire History

A bit of History.

The CyberWire started out small, serving as a daily business and technical intelligence briefing for the staff of CyberPoint International. It was created to provide a summary of important cyber security developments distilled from an ever-increasing number of sources, some good, some dubious (and the dubious always scanned with a critical eye). Since our first publication in 2012, we've grown from that small cyber security intelligence daily to an independent news organization serving thousands of readers and listeners all over the world. We spun-off as an independent company April 2016, retaining and expanding our connections throughout the global cyber security sector.

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