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The CyberWire briefings archive includes issues dating back to September 28, 2012. You can search or browse those issues here.

The Week that Was, 12.15.18
Nation-states behaving badly (and the crooks who imitate them). Patch notes and industry news.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.14.18
Boomstortion. Flags, false and authentic. Nation-state threat actors. Malicious memes. Updates on the Huawei affair.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.13.18
Shamoon is back. No indictments or sanctions yet, but harsh words from the US for Chinese cyber ops.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.12.18
Operation Sharpshooter vs. infrastructure. Meng makes bail. US readies actions against China's hacking. Google hearing fizzle?
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.11.18
Oil-service servers hacked. Secure IM side-channel bug. Russian influence & #giletsjaune? Huawei CFO case. Google in Congress.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.10.18
Developments in the case of the Huawei CFO. Kubernetes issue expected to have widespread effects. Russo-Ukrainian cyberwar.
The Week that Was, 12.8.18
Huawei has troubles. (So does Facebook.) Cyber ops in a hybrid war. Cryptowars. Election security. Industry notes.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.7.18
Updates on Huawei arrest and sanctions. TA505 phishes with personalized bait. Hollywood hacks hit Eastern Europe's banks.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.6.18
Huawei CFO arrested in Canada. Anonymous sources say China hacked Marriott. SamSam notes. Riposte in Russia-Ukraine cyberwar?
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.5.18
Ukraine stopped Russian cyber op? Microsoft doubts Cozy Bear phishing attribution. GOP emails hacked. Facebook emails out.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.4.18
BIS blames Fancy Bear. Quora hacked. Marriott's breach response reviewed. Kubernetes flaw patched. iOS scam apps.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, December 2018
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine grew markedly sharper this past month. On November 25th Russian FSB guard craft fired on and seized three Ukrainian naval units that passed through the Kerch Strait from the Black Sea into the Sea of Azov, transiting between the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Mariupol.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 12.3.18
Tehran's influence operations. US, UK, warn Russia. Marriott breach fallout. Kaspersky ban upheld. Ransom and sanctions.
The Week that Was, 12.1.18
Takedowns, espionage, reconnaissance, and one very large breach. Industry news and notes. Brexit, Snakemackerel, Cobalt Dickens, UPnProxy, EternalSilence, ShadowBrokers, EternalBlue, EternalRed, NSA, Marriot, Starwood,
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 11.30.18
Marriott breach disclosed, affects 500 million. Dunkin' Donuts breached. Oh, and Fancy Bear paws at Germany.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 11.29.18
Energetic Bear's back (or never left). Hybrid warfare. Eternal Silence attacks. Dell warns of breach risk. SamSam indictments.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 11.28.18
DNSpionage in the Middle East. More iOS spyware? Cobalt Dickens is back. Facebook agonistes. A declaration on Internet law.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 11.27.18
Malicious apps in Google Play. Facebook before Parliament. GDPR boosts big tech? Journalists & spyware. Hybrid war in Ukraine.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 11.26.18
Industrial espionage agreement dying? Emotet on Black Friday. Outlook 10 fix fixed. "Social credit" in China.