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The CyberWire briefings archive includes issues dating back to September 28, 2012. You can search or browse those issues here.

The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.18.18
Oceansalt looks like Comment Crew's return (but no). Facebook hack the work of spammers. Russian Brexit trolling. Router bugs.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.17.18
BlackEnergy is back. Campaign against diplomatic targets in Central Asia. Terror group cyber template. Election security
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.16.18
Social-media enabled genocide. Conspiracy speculation on seeding attack story. GCHQ reports; DHS reassures; Russia complains.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.15.18
Facebook breach updates. More skepticism on Chinese supply chain attack. Pipeline explosion not an attack. EU cyber sanctions.
The Week that Was, 10.13.18
Waking up from a supply chain nightmare? GRU watch. Google plus trouble. Facebook purges inauthenticity. Industry notes.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.12.18
Telebots, BlackEnergy said to be the same actor. Risky mixing of IT and OT. Facebook's inauthenticity purge. Cyber responses.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.11.18
Chinese MSS officer in US custody for hacking. More doubt cast on supply chain attack report. Contrasting hacker styles.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.10.18
Supply chain seeding claims still controversial. DDoS in Kiev. GAO on weapon vulnerabilities. DVR, camera flaws. Patch notes.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.9.18
Barking at the GRU from all directions. Skepticism about report of seeding attack. Google+ is leaky (and will soon be gone).
The Week that Was, 10.6.18
Seeding attack on supply chain? GRU exposed. Pyongyang's cybercrime wave. Information ops. Industry notes.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.4.18
Updates on supply chain seeding reports and GRU misbehavior. DHS's NPPD will become the lead US civilian cyber agency.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.4.18
Chinese supply chain attack? GRU named, shamed, expelled, and indicted. Arrest in Congressional doxing case.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.3.18
Facebook breach updates. Zoho exploited. Instagram hijacking. Botnet vs. Brazil. Buggy routers. Patches. Bad Fortnite cheats.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.2.18
DPRK's Dogcall. Tension between disclosure, investigation. Unwanted content. Pegasus spyware in Canada. Hacking for lulz.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, October 2018
The US has released its national cyber strategy, with a strong emphasis on deterrence. An introduction to the document answers the question "How did we get here?" It calls out, by name, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China, describing them as repressive regimes that exploit open societies and systems while remaining themselves largely, and self-consciously, closed...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 10.1.18
Facebook breach updates and implications. Concerns about Chinese election hacking have been building for some time.
The Week that Was, 9.29.18
Facebook breached. Influence operations and election hacking. Adventures in content moderation. Terror in Iran. Privacy regulation. Industry notes.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.28.18
Brute-force botnet. Look-alike domain fraud? ATM wiretapping. Port of San Diego's ransomware. SEC action. Assange steps down.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.27.18
Fancy Bear has a rootkit. Banking Trojan kicked from Google Play. VPNFilter has more tricks than suspected. MDM issues. American GDPR? Novichok update.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.26.18
Cryptojackers in Google Play. Recovering from ransomware. US Congress holds hearings on privacy. Election security.