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Whether you're interested in technology, threats, trends, the marketplace, policy, research, education, or law, our briefings provide concise synthesis and analysis of cyber security news happening around the world every day.

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CyberWire Daily Briefing

Indictment of US defector to Iran unsealed (social engineering implications). Where's that Equifax PII? Valentine's Day notes.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Patch Tuesday notes. Shlayer and GreyEnergy. China says it didn't hack Canberra. And Valentine's Day is tomorrow (be afraid).

CyberWire Daily Briefing

VFEmail sustains a devastating attack. EU mulls response to APT10. Military hacks. AI, competition, and humanity's future.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Australia investigates attempted Parliament hack. Zero-days a bigger risk? Internet autarky. Huawei issues. Blackmail inquiry.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Australian Parliament cyber incident? Triout spyware. Phishing at credit unions. Mr. Bezos vs. Mr. Pecker.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

APT10 or APT31? Google Translate used to phsih. macOS Keychain 0-day. Scam mimics Norton system scan. Suspicion of Huawei, ZTE.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

China's APT10 and industrial espionage. Updates on election influence ops. Fixing FaceTime. Swatting speculative execution bugs.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Facebook bans Myanmar militias. Anti-Tibet RAT. New Linux backdoor. Hacking Westminster. Bangladesh bank suit. Norway and Huawei.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

OceanLotus update. Collection#1's sellers. Huawei's prospects. RT talks Venezuela. Demand-side enforcement in Webstresser case.

The Week that Was

Time out. Doxing prominent Russians. Private eyes are watching you. Iran wants your PII. Legal and industry notes.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Facebook, Google, released from time-out. Social media take down inauthentic accounts. Info ops. Current attacks.

CyberWire Daily Briefing

Collections #2-5. Google, Facebook paid to pwn. Special Counsel not hacked. US DoJ to hit Joanap botnet. FaceTime probe.