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The Week that Was

Every Saturday, the CyberWire takes a look back in the Week that Was, a narrative summary of the past seven days' significant cyber security news. Designed for busy professionals who need a week-to-week perspective on developments and trends, the Week that Was provides context for the breaking stories of the day. Every issue is organized topically, with inline links to sources the reader can follow for amplified detail. Like the Daily News Briefing, the Week that Was is delivered to subscribers by email, free and spam-free.

Recent Issues
Issue 31

APT35 targets a US presidential campaign. Updates on Russian election interference. Turla suspected behind Reductor RAT. Industry news and notes from Fort...

Issue 31

Ransomware and disinformation as a service. Malware in the energy sector. Ransomware in hospitals.

Issue 30

Supply chain attacks, information operations, and "fleeceware." Legal news and industry notes.

Issue 29

Cyber operations, espionage, and information operations. Cyber ops and the fire support analogy. Data misappropriation, again. Industry notes.

Issue 28

Nation-states behaving badly. Big BEC. Guilty plea in FIN7 case. NIST standards out for comment. Industry news and notes.

Issue 27

Domestic surveillance (even abroad). More on Stuxnet. Ransomware, deep fakes, election security, courts, and industry notes.

Issue 26

Threat groups: LYCEUM and Fancy Bear. Breach costs. iPhone watering hole. Industry notes.

Issue 25

Coordinated inauthenticity and free speech. Cyberespionage campaigns. Cyber crime, regulatory risk, and industry notes.

Issue 24

Exporting repression? UN Security Council looks at DPRK hacking. Checking AI. Capital One hack. Permanent record? Industry notes.

Issue 23

Cybercrime for state finances. Tension between Iran and regional rivals. Fancy Bear and Wicked Panda watch. Industry notes.

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