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The Week that Was

Every Saturday, the CyberWire takes a look back in the Week that Was, a narrative summary of the past seven days' significant cyber security news. Designed for busy professionals who need a week-to-week perspective on developments and trends, the Week that Was provides context for the breaking stories of the day. Every issue is organized topically, with inline links to sources the reader can follow for amplified detail. Like the Daily News Briefing, the Week that Was is delivered to subscribers by email, free and spam-free.

Recent Issues
Issue 25

Border breach. True lies. AI for espionage. Cities vs. malware. Huawei updates. Hong Kong unrest. Industry notes

Issue 24

Info ops updates. Baltimore's bad month. The Huawei Affair. Third-party breach hits medical labs. Industry and legal notes.

Issue 23

HiddenWasp stings Linux. Mortgage document exposure. Baltimore ransomware. Iran's info ops. Industry notes.

Issue 22

Espionage notes. Hackers hacked. Influence operations. The Huawei affair. New charges for Julian Assange. Industry notes.

Issue 21

Fxmsp and security vendors. Endless Mayfly information ops. WhatsApp exploit. New speculative execution bug. Patch news. Industry notes.

Issue 20

Uroburos is back. So is Buckeye. Reverse-engineered weapons. Airstrikes against hackers. Industry and legal notes.

Issue 19

Wipro hack updates. Election interference and social control. Naming and shaming. Op Snakeoil. Government and industry notes.

Issue 18

Terrorism and extremist communication. Ransomware hits manufacturer. Social media privacy troubles. Industry notes.

Issue 17

Notes on the Mueller Report. Cyber espionage in Ukraine and Southwest Asia. Content moderation. Industry notes.

Issue 16

Triton's masters return. GossipGirl's circle. Assange under arrest. LockerGoga update. Industry notes.

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