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The Week that Was

Every Saturday, the CyberWire takes a look back in the Week that Was, a narrative summary of the past seven days' significant cyber security news. Designed for busy professionals who need a week-to-week perspective on developments and trends, the Week that Was provides context for the breaking stories of the day. Every issue is organized topically, with inline links to sources the reader can follow for amplified detail. Like the Daily News Briefing, the Week that Was is delivered to subscribers by email, free and spam-free.

Recent Issues
Issue 5

Time out. Doxing prominent Russians. Private eyes are watching you. Iran wants your PII. Legal and industry notes.

Issue 4

Data exposure. DHS vs. DNS hijacking. US Intelligence Strategy is out. Ex-insider threat. France says c'est une guerre.

Issue 3

National hacking cultures. Data exposures. ICS RF issues. Moonshots and grand challenges. Crime, commerce, etc.

Issue 2

Influence ops,state-sponsored, political, and freelance. Cyber cold war? Oversharing apps. Industry notes.

Issue 1

Stop the presses (not in a good way). Spy trials. Doxing in Germany. Bad network card. Legal and industry notes.

Issue 51

Shamoon 3. Fluent trolling. China's MSS blamed for industrial, diplomatic hacks. Facebook data-sharing. Industry notes.

Issue 50

Nation-states behaving badly (and the crooks who imitate them). Patch notes and industry news.

Issue 49

Huawei has troubles. (So does Facebook.) Cyber ops in a hybrid war. Cryptowars. Election security. Industry notes.

Issue 47

Takedowns, espionage, reconnaissance, and one very large breach. Industry news and notes. Brexit, Snakemackerel, Cobalt Dickens, UPnProxy, EternalSilence,...

Issue 46

Error, not espionage. Operation Shaheen. New Spectre, Meltdown flaws. Cyber conflict. Liberty Eclipse's black start. Industry notes.

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