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Daily Briefing 5.23.18

Morphing malware. Not-for-profits have security issues, too. GDPR interpretations. Trend reports. Mr. Zuckerberg at the EU.

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Daily Podcast 5.23.18

Variant 4 and other chipset vulnerabilities. Confucius and Patchwork. Turla goes two-stage. Misconfigured not-for-profit bucket. ZTE's fraying lifeline. Facebook and the EU. Brain Food.

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Week that Was 5.19.18

Botnets, spyware, and phishing for Ether. Policy updates, crime and punishment, and industry notes.

ICS Security Concerns Explained
Our guest today is Joe Weiss. He’s the managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, a firm that provides consulting services to optimize and secure industrial control systems. Our conversation centers on what he sees as critical shortcomings in the current approach to securing critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, manufacturing, railways, and water supplies...
Research Saturday 5.19.18

Researchers from Arbor Networks' ASERT Threat Intelligence Team recently published a report titled, "Lojack Becomes a Double Agent." It outlines how threat actors are altering legitimate recovery utility software and simulating its command and control servers to gain access to target machines.

Third Annual Cyber Investing Summit Overview
Discussions at the Cyber Investing Summit focused on cyber risk and the opportunities addressing such risk afforded entrepreneurs, investors, and larger, well-established security firms...

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Iran Retaliation Likely After Nuclear Deal Dropped
For the past six month or so, researchers in Recorded Future’s Insikt Group have been dissecting the structure of cyber operations groups within the Islamic Republic of Iran. Levi Gundert joins us once again, he’s one of the authors of “Iran’s Hacker Hierarchy Exposed.” The report describes a culture of distrust and a tension between the desire for technical capabilities versus religiosity.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, May 2018
The leaders of North and South Korea, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, met in the treaty village of Panmunjom along the demarcation line between the two states. As has been widely noted, the meeting represented a historic first, the only time a North Korean leader has visited the South since partition...
2018 RSAC Outlook — Special Edition

Just before the RSA conference this year, we spoke with a pair of industry experts for their take on the year so far, and what they expect to see in the coming months. In this CyberWire special edition, we hear from Craig Williams, Director of Talos Outreach at Cisco, and later in the show from Jon Rooney, Vice President of Product marketing at Splunk.

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5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception on Thursday, October 18, 2018, in Washington, DC.
Innovation in the Old Line State: the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards
Event Coverage

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland met for its second annual awards celebration. Convening again at Baltimore's Visionary Art Museum at Federal Hill beside the Inner Harbor, Maryland Cybersecurity celebrated some of the state's leading innovators and practitioners in information security.

Star Wars Episode IV 1 d The Pentesters Strike Back
It is a period of cyber war. In an effort to sustain commerce during these challenging times, the Galactic Trade Federation has required that the Empire retain the services of a consultancy on Kessel (a best-value provider, and only twelve parsecs away) to assess the state of their security before signing...

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