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Daily Briefing 9.21.18

US national cyber strategy is out. GCHQ establishes unit to fight Russian hacking. Crypto heist in Tokyo. Snooping on Senators.

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Daily Podcast 9.21.18

US National Cyber Strategy. New sanctions. GCHQ beefs up Russia unit. Cryptocurrency heist. Hacking Senatorial Gmail. Crime and punishment.

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Hacking Humans 9.20.18

Dave warns of scammers taking advantage of hurricane Florence, both on the phone and in person. Joe shares a scheme targeting the kindness of local churchgoers. A cosmic variation on the Nigerian email scam. Joe interviews his Johns Hopkins University colleague Chris Venghaus, who leads a tech support scammer on a wild goose chase.

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Research Saturday 9.22.18

Researchers at security firm Cybereason recently set up online honeypots to attract adversaries interested in industrial control system environments. It didn't take long for sophisticated attackers to sniff out the virtual honey and start snuffling around.

Week that Was 9.22.18

Magecart in the wild. OilRig evolves. US cyber strategy. Russian information ops. Crime, courts, commerce, and invention.

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Fears of GDPR-Triggered Spam So Far Unfounded
Hear from Allan Liska who analyzed several months’ worth of data on GDPR spam rates to see if the expected uptick came to pass.

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Protecting the Brand, Products, and People at Perdue Farms
Rolf Rosenvinge, CEO of RCG - CyberInsights, shares his views on the state of cybersecurity in the EU, the future role of threat intelligence, and more.
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, August 2018
North Korea seems to have ramped up missile production and resumed work on its nuclear program. The first reports of renewed activity along these lines appeared early in July, and just this week the US Intelligence Community said it had clear evidence that Pyongyang was back in the long-range weapons-of-mass-destruction business...
Data-centric security. — Special Edition

In this CyberWire special edition, we take a look at data-centric security, focusing on the security of the data itself, rather than the surrounding networks, application or servers.

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5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 5th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception on Thursday, October 18, 2018, in Washington, DC.
Sophia d'Antoine — asm2vec: Binary Learning for Vulnerability Discovery
This talk will present a novel application of a machine learning model and a corresponding tool, asm2vec, for vulnerability discovery. Treating both program disassembly as a natural language, we construct embeddings of identifiers at scale using a concept similar to word2vec, in which the output is a vector of related identifiers and their proximity.
Star Wars Episode IV 1 d The Pentesters Strike Back
It is a period of cyber war. In an effort to sustain commerce during these challenging times, the Galactic Trade Federation has required that the Empire retain the services of a consultancy on Kessel (a best-value provider, and only twelve parsecs away) to assess the state of their security before signing...

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