8th Layer Insights

8th Layer Insights

Get ready for a deep dive into what cybersecurity professionals often refer to as the "8th Layer" of security: HUMANS. This podcast is a multidisciplinary exploration into how the complexities of human nature affect security and risk. Author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast Perry Carpenter taps experts for their insights and illumination. Topics include cybersecurity, psychology, behavior science, communication, leadership, and more.


Recent Episodes

Ep 30 | 1.24.23

Season 3 finale: What's the deal with Authentication, MFA, and Password Managers?

For the last episode of season 3, I thought we'd talk about something that's been in the news quite a lot recently: Authentication and Password Managers. As security professionals, we've decried the password for decades. Multifactor authentication (MFA) has started to gain popularity... but not without its own issues. Security leaders and tech teams may have once again hoped for a silver bullet, only to be disappointed to find out that crafty attackers can easily bypass MFA. We've also been touting the benefits of Password Managers for quite a while. After all, in a world where most of us have to manage upwards of 200 passwords in a year, who can keep up? No human can have great password hygiene across all those accounts. But password managers also face their own problems as illustrated by a recent high-profile incident. Our guest today is Roger Grimes. He has a multi-decade cybersecurity career and is the author of 13 cybersecurity books, countless articles, and is a highly sought-after industry luminary. ... Oh -- and he has opinions. Listen in as Roger and I discuss the current state of authentication, MFA, password managers, and more.

Ep 29 | 12.27.22

Cybersecurity, Creativity, Leadership: a Conversation with Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings

On this episode, Perry speaks with Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings. Chris and Ron started the Hacker Valley Studio Podcast back in June of 2019 with the goal of exploring the human condition to inspire peak performance in cybersecurity. The podcast is about Chris and Ron’s quest to find inspirational stories and knowledge to elevate themselves and their communities. That podcast eventually kicked off a journey that led them to create their own podcast network (Hacker Valley Media), foster communities, and they recently partnered with SANS to create the Difference Makers Awards.

Ep 28 | 12.13.22

Your Life, Their Profit: Buyer Awareness in the 21st Century

On this episode, Perry sits down with Marta L. Tellado, President and CEO at Consumer Reports, to discuss the digital moment we are in and what that means for consumers and the marketplace: the risks, dangers, traps… and also the places and paths that can lead to progress. They also discuss Marta's new book, Buyer Aware: Harnessing Our Consumer Power for a Safe, Fair, and Transparent Marketplace.

Ep 27 | 11.15.22

Spycraft: A Behind the Curtain Look into the Intelligence Community

There is something about a good spy story that seems to really resonate with people in the cybersecurity world. We love watching the moves and the counter moves, and the sneaking around, and the social engineering, and hacking, and all of the gadgets and toys, and car chases, and fights and double crosses and triple crosses. Yeah, you get the point. But how much of that is real and how much can be chalked up to an author's creative license? And what's life and work like for real people in the intelligence industry? This episode features two guests: ex-CIA agent Peter Warmka and Andrew Hammond, historian and curator at the International Spy Museum.

Ep 26 | 10.18.22

Social Engineering and Breaking into Stuff with Jenny Radcliffe

On this episode, Perry sits down with Jenny Radcliffe (a.k.a. The People Hacker). Jenny is a well-known speaker, podcaster, professional social engineer, and physical penetration tester… in other words, she’s a social engineer who specializes not only in tricking people into doing things they shouldn’t do… but she also specializes getting into places she shouldn’t be and finding things she shouldn’t be able to find. Her job is to embody the criminal mindset and use the skills of a criminal to find the vulnerabilities that a criminal would find. In this interview, Jenny talks shop about her path to becoming a full time social engineer, the realities of penetration testing, inherent vulnerabilities in buildings and humans, and how to continuously improve at anything.

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8th Layer Insights
Perry Carpenter
Perry Carpenter currently serves as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world's most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform. He's an award-winning author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast. Previously, Perry led security awareness, security culture management, and anti-phishing behavior management research at Gartner, in addition to covering areas of IAM strategy, CISO Program Management mentoring, and Technology Service Provider success strategies.
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