Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Security, Compliance & Identity at Microsoft, talks with cybersecurity thought leaders and influential industry experts about the trends shaping the cyber landscape and what should be top-of-mind for the C-suite and other key decision makers. Ann and her guests explore the risk and promise of tools and systems powered by AI, IoT, machine learning, and other emerging technology, as well as the impact on how humans work, communicate, consume information, and live in this era of digital transformation. Please note, the opinions expressed by guests on this podcast are their own and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect opinions of, Microsoft or Ann Johnson.

Recent Episodes

Ep 52 | 5.17.22

Preventing Digital Fraud & Scams

Lou Manousos, an acknowledged expert in internet security and VP of Product in Microsoft Security, joins Ann Johnson on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Lou has been developing enterprise protection technology for more than 15 years and is currently the CEO of Risk IQ. He also spearheaded a new approach to using intelligence to help companies protect their organizations and reduce online fraud. Ann and Lou discuss handling internal fraud, best practices for the average consumer when protecting themselves at home, and the danger major brands face from deep fakes and social media scams.

Ep 51 | 5.3.22

The Criticality of Cyber Resilience

Tarun Sondhi, a Principal and the cyber leader for the KPMG Managed Services group, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. He has deep expertise in security architecture, infrastructure security, and access management. Tarun led the complete transformation and rebuilding of the Security Operations Center for one of the largest financial services organizations in the world. Ann and Tarun discuss how his guidance in security has changed over the years, investing in artificial intelligence and automation and what he believes is currently the most significant innovation in security.

Ep 50 | 4.19.22

A Librarian’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Tracy Maleeff, a security researcher at the Krebs Stamos Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Tracy is an information security professional with a Master of Library and Information Science degree and a frequent author and speaker on InfoSec and research topics. Ann and Tracy discuss keeping companies safe from disinformation, current issues, infosec professionals are dealing with, and what has influenced her cybersecurity philosophy.

Ep 49 | 4.5.22

Building Trust Through Cybersecurity

Sean Joyce, Principal for Price Waterhouse Coopers Advisory Practice, joins Ann this week on Afternoon Cyber Tea to discuss the unprecedented rise of cyberattacks this past year and what new trends we should be paying attention to. Sean has also consulted on some of the most prolific cyber breaches, providing us with his expertise on what he believes organizations should enforce as best practices when building operational resilience.

Ep 48 | 3.22.22

Helping Future Proof the Cyber Landscape

Rob Duhart, VP, Deputy CISO, at Walmart, shares his points of view on what can help today’s CISOs avoid unexpected cyber issues and the trends he is seeing shape the current cyber landscape on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson. As an ally for underrepresented populations in the cyber industry, Rob also discusses how he leverages his voice to support diversity and inclusion across the technology industry and the rise of disinformation in the cybersecurity community.

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Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson, CVP of Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft, oversees the long-term security investment and partnership strategies helping organizations become operationally resilient and unlock capabilities of Microsoft's intelligent cloud and next generation AI. From the way we tackle cyber threats to the language we use, Ann encourages the industry to get outside its comfort zones to expand how we address the evolving threat landscape.
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