Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Security, Compliance & Identity at Microsoft, talks with cybersecurity thought leaders and influential industry experts about the trends shaping the cyber landscape and what should be top-of-mind for the C-suite and other key decision makers. Ann and her guests explore the risk and promise of tools and systems powered by AI, IoT, machine learning, and other emerging technology, as well as the impact on how humans work, communicate, consume information, and live in this era of digital transformation. Please note, the opinions expressed by guests on this podcast are their own and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect opinions of, Microsoft or Ann Johnson.

Recent Episodes

Ep 64 | 11.29.22

Evolution of the CISO

Charles Blauner, operating partner and CISO-in-residence at company-building venture group Team8, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Charles is an internationally recognized expert on cyber resiliency, information security risk management, and data privacy. He's had an incredible and prominent career in Security, including being a CISO and Information Security leader at companies like J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Citi. Ann and Charles discuss the evolution of the CISO role, the qualities they believe all CISOs need to excel, and what the role of CISO will look like 5-10 years from now.

Ep 63 | 11.15.22

Building Personal Resilience in Cyber

Kirsten Davies, chief information security officer at Unilever, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Kirsten is a recognized thought leader, serves on the Board of Governors for the New York Academy of Sciences, and is a Mentor for several non-profits and women's initiatives. The two discuss burnout and stress-related mental-health concerns in cyber, which are, unfortunately, on the rise. Now, security and business leaders alike are concerned that the pressure and responsibility of cyber roles–combined with the rise in cyber-attacks, reduction in resourcing, and other factors–is making cyber a less attractive career path. Ann and Kirsten discuss the importance of personal resilience, factors contributing to the cyber talent shortage, and strategies that leaders can adopt to improve their people's working conditions and well-being.

Ep 62 | 11.1.22

Protecting our Cyber Defenders’ Mental Health

Dr. Ryan Louie, a board-certified psychiatrist focusing on the mental health impact of cybersecurity, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. The two discuss the growing issue of mental illness among cybersecurity professionals, the link between psychiatry and security, some of the problems commonly seen, and which aspects of cybersecurity contribute to them.

Ep 61 | 10.18.22

Breaking into the Cybersecurity Industry

AJ Yawn, Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek, and a Founding Board Member of the National Association of Black Compliance and Risk Management Professionals, joins Ann this week on Afternoon Cyber Tea to unpack this issue. With more than 700,000 open cybersecurity jobs in the US alone, the cyber industry faces a critical talent shortage. Yet, with this opportunity, many still find it challenging to break into the industry. Ann and AJ discuss the importance of sourcing from broader pools of talent, what skills business leaders should really be looking for, programs and communities that people looking to get into cyber security should be aware of, and how AJ thinks we can drive awareness of the wide variety of roles available in the industry.

Ep 60 | 10.4.22

Cyber Resiliency with Sounil Yu

Sounil Yu, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Research at JupiterOne, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Ann and Sounil discuss the importance and evolution of cyber resilience and what organizations can do today to build resilience for the future. Sounil is a security innovator with over 30 years of experience creating, breaking, and fixing computer and network systems. He is the creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Resiliency Framework, teaches security as an Adjunct Professor, co-chairs Art into Science: A Conference on Defense, and advises many startups.

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Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson, CVP of Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft, oversees the long-term security investment and partnership strategies helping organizations become operationally resilient and unlock capabilities of Microsoft's intelligent cloud and next generation AI. From the way we tackle cyber threats to the language we use, Ann encourages the industry to get outside its comfort zones to expand how we address the evolving threat landscape.
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