A weekly conversation on surveillance, digital privacy, cybersecurity law and policy. Hosted by Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 188 | 9.21.23

Make your mark CISOs.

This week, our guest is Karen Worstell from VMware to discuss how CISOs can make their mark with the new SEC rules. Ben's story discusses a Michigan case dealing with persistent unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) surveillance. Dave's got the story of a California judge blocking a law aimed at increasing the online safety for kids, by saying it violates the first amendment in the constitution.

Ep 187 | 9.14.23

Europe leading the way on data privacy and data sharing.

Guest Rachael Ormiston of Osano discusses the US and EU's Data Privacy Framework with Ben. This week's stories include, Ben discussing an Appeals Court decision mostly reversing a District Court order that barred communication between federal officials and social media companies. Dave's got the story of policy makers putting the intelligence community on notice when it comes to warrantless wiretapping.

Ep 186 | 9.7.23

Laws outpace compliance programs.

This week, our guests are Cinthia Motley and Sean Buckley from Dykema, who are discussing cybersecurity law and compliance with data collection. Ben has the story of a Federal Judge blocking an Arkansas law limiting minors’ access to social media. Dave's got the story of court-ordered blocking of websites at the Domain Name Service (DNS) level.

Ep 185 | 8.31.23

Compliance can't wait.

Igor Volovich from Qmulos sits down with Dave to discuss how compliance can’t wait for the government to find alignment on security and risk. Ben shares the story of a Federal Judge dismissing a lawsuit from the Republican National Committee against Google. Dave's got an opinion piece from the New York Times making the case that social media platforms should provide algorithmic choice.

Ep 184 | 8.24.23

Where oh where in the world is that information?

George Tziahanas from Archive360 is talking about what happens when the information is no longer in boxes but could be anywhere in the world. Ben has the story of a raid on an independent journalist who leaked unaired clips from Fox News. Dave's got the story of a DC court ruling that AI generated content is not eligible for copyright protection.

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Dave Bittner
Ben Yelin
Dave Bittner, is a security podcast host and one of the founders at CyberWire. He's a creator, producer, videographer, actor, experimenter, and entrepreneur. He's had a long career in the worlds of television, journalism and media production, and is one of the pioneers of non-linear editing and digital storytelling.
Ben Yelin, JD, is the Program Director for Public Policy & External Affairs at the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security, where he consults public and private entities on homeland security, cybersecurity and emergency management policy. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, where he teaches courses on electronic surveillance and the Fourth Amendment.
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