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Join Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin for a lively, down-to-earth conversation on cybersecurity law and policy, with a particular focus on surveillance and digital privacy. Each week, they break down important current legal cases, policy battles, and regulatory matters along with the news headlines that matter most. It’s not just a podcast for lawyers and policymakers; security professionals, businesses, and anyone concerned about privacy and security in the digital age will find the discussions accessible, relevant, and thought provoking.

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Recent episodes

Cell phone tracking and the future of data value.

Dave shares a story from Gizmodo about lawsuits aimed at Ring and Amazon. You asked - Ben listened - his take on an op-ed from the New York Times about cell phone tracking, and later in the show we interview Michelle Dennedy, formerly of Cisco and now...

The quiet, behind-the-scenes work of the FBI.

Dave shares a Washington Post story about the data your car may be collecting about you. Ben digs in to recent revelations about government surveillance, and later in the show we interview Jason G. Weiss, former forensic expert with the FBI and current...

The cyber resiliency of White House operations.

On this week’s show Ben unpacks a recent Capital Hill hearing on the crypto wars, Dave describes a ruling that addresses biometrics and self incrimination. Our guest is Christopher Whyte, an assistant professor of homeland security and emergency preparedness...

Helping us understand HIPAA.

Ben shares a story of student privacy in an age of surveillance. Dave describes efforts by the state of Georgia to put parts of their official legal code behind a paywall. The listener on the line wonders about speed cameras. Our guest is Donna Grindle,...

Moving the needle in the federal space.

In this episode, "Moving the needle in the federal space," Ben describes US Senate Democrats' proposal for new privacy legislation. We have a story from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on the 5th Amendment and password privacy. And later in show we...

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