CISA Cybersecurity Alerts 8.4.22
Ep 26 | 8.4.22

CISA Alert AA22-216A – 2021 top malware strains.

Show Notes

This joint Cybersecurity Advisory was coauthored by CISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre, or ACSC. This advisory provides details on the top malware strains observed in 2021.

AA22-216A Alert, Technical Details, and Mitigations

For alerts on malicious and criminal cyber activity, see the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center webpage.

For more information and resources on protecting against and responding to ransomware, refer to, a centralized, U.S. Government webpage providing ransomware resources and alerts.

The ACSC recommends organizations implement eight essential mitigation strategies from the ACSC’s Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents as a cybersecurity baseline. These strategies, known as the “Essential Eight,” make it much harder for adversaries to compromise systems.

Refer to the ACSC’s practical guides on how to protect yourself against ransomware attacks and what to do if you are held at ransom at

All organizations should report incidents and anomalous activity to CISA’s 24/7 Operations Center at or (888) 282-0870 and to the FBI via your local FBI field office or the FBI’s 24/7 CyWatch at (855) 292-3937 or