Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast

Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast

Control Loop is the OT Cybersecurity Podcast, your terminal for ICS security, intelligence, and learning. Every two weeks, we bring you the latest news, strategies, and technologies that industry professionals rely on to safeguard civilization.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 48 | 4.17.24

Examining CIRCIA and VOLTZITE.

Chinese-manufactured devices in US networks see a 41% YoY increase. Ukraine-linked hackers deploy ICS malware against Russian infrastructure company. A look at cyberattacks that had physical consequences in 2023. Lessons from NERC’s GridEx exercise. Extension requested for comment period on CISA’s incident reporting rule. Guest Kate Ledesma, Senior Director Government Affairs at Dragos, talks about the Cybersecurity Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Proposed rule (CIRCIA). The Learning Lab returns has part 2 of Mark Urban and Josh Hanrahan's discussion adversary hunting and VOLTZITE (aka Volt Typhoon).

Ep 47 | 4.3.24

Hunting adversaries.

Sellafield nuclear waste site to be prosecuted for alleged cybersecurity failings. CISA issues draft proposal for cyber incident reporting by critical infrastructure entities. Threat actor targets Indian government and energy entities. Suspicious NuGet package appears to target developers in the industrial sector. Guest Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at CISA, shares their CIRCIA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The Learning Lab returns! Mark Urban and Josh Hanrahan discuss adversary hunting.

Ep 46 | 3.20.24

Navigating China's infrastructure risks in the energy sector.

Researchers discover a way to hijack web-based PLCs. Threat actor targets manufacturing entities in North America. US Department of Defense launches CORA program. CISA issues ICS advisories. Guest Aura Sabadus, Senior Journalist at ICIS, joins us to discuss how energy insiders are approaching the renewed risks of China's ramp up toward potential attacks on critical infrastructure and what the energy industry is saying about these risks. The Learning Lab is taking a break and will return soon. Stay tuned.

Ep 45 | 3.6.24

Addressing maritime cyber threats.

NIST releases Cybersecurity Framework 2.0. Biden administration issues executive order on maritime cybersecurity. Suspected Chinese threat actor continues to exploit Ivanti vulnerabilities. ThyssenKrupp sustains ransomware attack. Guests Liz Martin, Global Advisory Solution Architect at Dragos, and Blake Benson, Senior Director at ABS Group, talk through the latest Maritime Executive Order. The Learning Lab is taking a break and will return soon. Stay tuned.

Ep 44 | 2.21.24

Volt Typhoon and the Year in Review.

Five Eyes publish report on Volt Typhoon. Volt Typhoon targets emergency management services in the US. Siemens and Schneider Electric issue patches. Guest is Magpie Graham, Principal Adversary Hunter Technical Director at Dragos, sharing the findings of Dragos Cybersecurity Year in Review report. The Learning Lab segment will return next episode.

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Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast
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