Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast

Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast

Control Loop is the OT Cybersecurity Podcast, your terminal for ICS security, intelligence, and learning. Every two weeks, we bring you the latest news, strategies, and technologies that industry professionals rely on to safeguard civilization.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 9 | 9.21.22

Providing a safe and secure OT infrastructure.

The Palestinian hacktivist group GhostSec compromises Israeli PLCs. North Korea’s Lazarus Group targets the energy sector. The White House issues a memorandum on supply chain security. CISA issues advisories on ICS vulnerabilities. Guest Rachael Conrad of Rockwell Automation talks about how industrial automation organizations can achieve their connected enterprise by providing a safe and secure OT infrastructure. In the Learning Lab, Dragos' Mark Urban discusses the scale of the generation of electricity.

Ep 8 | 9.7.22

The fundamentals of the control loop.

Cybersecurity for the food industry. Montenegro works to recover from Russian cyber offensive. NSTAC recommends cataloging Federal OT assets. Chemical sector cybersecurity. Kinetic attacks affect Ukrainian nuclear power plant. CISA ICS alerts. Guest Dean Parsons from SANS joins us to discuss attacks against critical infrastructure. The Learning Lab finds Dragos' Mark Urban joined by Miriam Lorbert breaking down the fundamentals of the control loop.

Ep 7 | 8.24.22

Executive discussions and how to communicate your cyber risks to the Board.

DOE invests in securing the US power grid. CISA’s recent ICS security advisories. Industroyer2 makes an appearance in Ukraine. DDoS attack against Energoatom’s website. Ransomware trends and the threat to OT systems. Ransomware gang attempts to extort the wrong water company. Jason Christopher, Director of Cyber Risk at Dragos, Boards and threat-informed industrial risk management. David Foose, Senior Product Manager at Dragos, talking with Mark Urban of Dragos about SCADA.

Ep 6 | 8.10.22

Pipeline cybersecurity mitigation actions, contingency planning, and testing.

BlackCat ransomware gang hits Luxembourg energy company. Predatory Sparrow's assault on Iran's steel industry. MOXA issues patches for two vulnerabilities. ICS security advisories. Two security bills pass the US House. Insider threat: Spain arrests nuclear plant employees. The human risk to OT systems.

Ep 5 | 7.27.22

Demystifying the alphabet soup of OT, IT, IOT.

More deniable DDoS attacks strike countries friendly to Ukraine. Russian intentions and capabilities in its hybrid war. Log4j is now “endemic.” CISA’s ICS security advisories. Operational technology and the C2C market. TSA issues revised pipeline cybersecurity guidelines. Zero-trust comes to OT. Our guest is Puesh Kumar from the Department of Energy, discussing the DOE’s efforts to secure critical infrastructure, and to secure clean energy infrastructure.

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Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast
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