CSO Perspectives (public) 7.5.21
Ep 12 | 7.5.21

Cybersecurity first principles: Intelligence operations.

Show Notes

This is the seventh show in a planned series that discusses the development of a general purpose cybersecurity strategy for all network defender practitioners - be they from the commercial sector, government enterprise, or academic institutions - using the concept of first principles.

  1. First principles
  2. Zero trust
  3. Intrusion kill chains
  4. Resilience
  5. DevSecOps
  6. Risk assessment

We are building a strategy wall, brick by brick, for a cyber security infosec program based on first principles. The foundation of that wall is the ultimate and atomic first principle: Reduce the probability of material impact to my organization due to a cyber event. That’s it. Nothing else matters. This simple statement is the pillar, on which we can build an entire infosec program. 

This next building block will start the second course of the wall because it directly supports all of the other strategic bricks we have already laid.

This brick is called cyber threat intelligence operations.