CSO Perspectives (public) 5.2.22
Ep 42 | 5.2.22

Third party cloud platforms around the Hash Table.

Show Notes

Third party cloud platforms as a cybersecurity first principle strategy.

As we learned from the deep dive into Azure, AWS, and GCP, none of the primary cloud providers check the box for every security first principle. To do so, Rick looks at third party cloud security providers. In this session, Rick and the Hash Table discuss big security platforms like Fortinet, Cisco, Check Point, and Palo Alto Networks. We discover that comprehensive security orchestration across all data islands is the key, so much so that Rick adds orchestration as one of the five primary first principles.

With Rick Howard, the Cyberwire’s CSO and Chief Analyst and three guests: Ram Boreda, a Palo Alto Networks Field CTO, Joakim Lialias, a Product Marketing Director at Cisco, and Ashish Rajan, the host of the Cloud Security Podcast.

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

You will learn about: third party security platforms as first principle tools, cloud security orchestration, virtual firewalls and first principle strategies, converging cloud security tools into a single platform

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