CSO Perspectives (Pro) 6.29.20
Ep 13 | 6.29.20

Cybersecurity first principles: end of season summary.

Show Notes

First Principles are the best way to build a cybersecurity program.

This is the eighth and final episode in this series that discusses the development of a general purpose cybersecurity strategy for all network defender practitioners - be they from the commercial sector, government enterprise, or academic institutions - using the concept of first principles. 

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

These episodes are companion pieces to the CyberWire column of the same name called CSO Perspectives. I mention this because we have come to the conclusion of the podcast's first season. We’re pausing for a bit to give us a chance to prepare the second season. In a few weeks, we will pick up right where we left off. For this last episode in the series though, I thought I’d take a moment and summarize how we got here and why. In both, the essays and the podcasts, I have attempted to build a strategy wall, brick by brick, for a cyber security infosec program based on first principles.