CSO Perspectives (Pro) 11.23.20
Ep 30 | 11.23.20

SOAR around the Hash Table.

Show Notes

SOAR is a cybersecurity first principle strategy.

If your security team is overwhelmed fighting fires, you may suffer from alert fatigue. In this session, Rick reveals how Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) tools will improve your security data flow, shift operations left towards prevention, and free personnel for more strategic pursuits. SOAR technologies also complement DevSecOps, enable intrusion kill chain prevention, and The Hash Table agrees! They explain how SOAR solves their fight against limited resources, the convergence between security event management and response orchestration, and where and how to start.

Three members of the CyberWire’s Hash Table of experts:

  • Rick Doten
  • Kevin Ford
  • Kevin Magee

discuss SOAR tools.

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

You will learn about: SOAR enabling DevSecOps and Intrusion Kill Chains, managing limited resources, the SOAR-SIEM convergence, turning existing security tools into SOAR data feeds, retooling analysts into strategists

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Additional first principles resources for your cybersecurity program.

For more SOAR and cybersecurity first principles resources, check the topic essay.

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