CSO Perspectives (Pro) 7.19.21
Ep 51 | 7.19.21

Pt 1 - Enterprise encryption as a cybersecurity first principle strategy.

Show Notes

Typically we use encryption in two ways: Data at rest and data in motion. It is a hedge against data loss and may protect you from some forms of ransomware. But after you think about it for more than two seconds, you realize that the permutations for all of the things that have to be signed and encrypted grow exponentially. I’ve mentioned on this CSO Perspectives series many times about all the different islands where we store data: laptops, cell phones, data centers, SaaS services, and hybrid cloud services. For every physical device that touches those data islands, for every workload that operates in a cloud environment, for every person that uses those devices and workloads, and for every transaction between people and technology, there is potential for some kind of cryptographic transformation.