CSO Perspectives (Pro) 9.13.21
Ep 58 | 9.13.21

Adversary playbooks around the Hash Table.

Show Notes

Adversary playbooks as a cybersecurity first principle strategy.

They told us the adversary has an asymmetric advantage; that cyber defense has to be right every time while the offense only has to get it right once. Rick proves that proactive defense and adversary playbooks can flip that dynamic on its head. With the world of cyber defense and threat intelligence upside down, Rick and the Hash Table discuss the history of shifting the offense/defense balance, the three components of a proactive defense, and the evolution of adversary playbooks and the intrusion kill chain.

with Rick Howard, the CyberWire’s CSO and Chief Analyst, joined by Ryan Olson, the Palo Alto Networks VP on Threat Intelligence (Unit 42). They discuss the history and next steps for the adversary playbook concept.

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

You will learn about: adversary playbooks and proactive defense, flipping the offense/defense balance, the 3 components of a proactive defense, ISACs and ISAOs

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Additional first principles resources for your cybersecurity program.

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