CSO Perspectives (Pro) 5.11.20
Ep 6 | 5.11.20

The first principles of cybersecurity.

Show Notes

First Principles are the best way to build a cybersecurity program.

First principles are the best way to build anything. In this introduction session for cybersecurity first principles, Rick Howard reveals the power of first principles and how they can help you manage the ideas, strategies, and technologies that security teams wrestle with on a daily basis. From Aristotle to Musk, first principles have enabled every great development in technology and society. With first principles thinking, you can prevent security fires instead of fighting them, efficiently reduce your technical debt, and launch your security program to the next level.

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

You will learn about: first principles analysis | how first principles can enhance cybersecurity programs

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Additional first principles resources for your cybersecurity program.

For more cybersecurity first principles resources, check the topic essay.

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