CyberWire-X 11.21.21
Ep 22 | 11.21.21

How ransomware impacts organizations.

Show Notes

As ransomware attacks rapidly rise in frequency, eye-popping ransom demands grab headlines, and consumers experience product shortages and difficulty accessing services as the organizations they do business with are knocked offline. However, little is reported about the impact of a ransomware attack inside an organization.

In this show, we cover what steps organizations are taking now to prepare for a ransomware attack and what happens to an organization on that especially bad day when ransomware comes calling. The CyberWire's Rick Howard speaks with Hash Table member Don Welch, Vice president for Information Technology and Global Chief Information Officer at New York University, and show sponsor Keeper Security's CEO & Co-Founder Darren Guccione joins The CyberWire's Dave Bittner on this CyberWire-X as they share their expertise on the topic.