CyberWire-X 1.30.22
Ep 24 | 1.30.22

Zero Trust for cloud assets: Identity authentication and authorization.

Show Notes

Applying Zero Trust principles to access rights can be tricky given the volume and dynamic nature of services in the cloud. Serverless computer services, like AWS Lambda, multiply the volume of identities to manage. These cloud services often have excessive permissions to access sensitive data and can become a potential entry point for an attacker to exploit.

The CyberWire's Rick Howard speaks with Scott Farber, Principal Cyber Architect & Zero Trust Technical Lead at MITRE about the topic. Show Sponsor Sysdig's Vice President of Security Product Management, Maor Goldberg, brings experience with data center and cloud to a discussion with CyberWire-X on the considerations for managing access rights in this hybrid world. They consider the pros and cons of different approaches to enforcing least privilege in the cloud.