CyberWire-X 2.20.22
Ep 25 | 2.20.22

What Log4Shell has taught us.

Show Notes

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that our supply chain–especially our technical supply chain–hangs in the balance of a very fragile system. The year came to a close with the announcement of the Log4j zero day. Talk about saving the best for last.

On this episode of CyberWire-X, the CyberWire's Rick Howard speaks with Tom Quinn CISO at T. Rowe Price, about the topic. Show Sponsor ExtraHop’s Head of Product, Ted Driggs, joins the CyberWire's Dave Bittner to examine what Log4Shell tells us about the state of cyber defense going into 2022, and what enterprises can do to prepare. Through these conversations, we explore the challenges that enterprises had in patching the vulnerability, take a closer look at the advanced post-compromise threat activity spotted in the wild, and glean lessons that can be learned to build resilience against the next Log4j-style zero day.