CyberWire-X 5.1.22
Ep 29 | 5.1.22

DevSecOps and securing the container.

Show Notes

The move to cloud has great potential to improve security, but the required process and cultural changes can be daunting. There are a vast number of critical vulnerabilities that make it to production and demand more effective mitigations. Although “shifting security left” should help, organizations are not able to achieve this quickly enough, and “shifting left” does not account for runtime threats. Organizations must strive to improve the prioritization of vulnerabilities to ensure the most dangerous flaws are fixed early. But even then, some risk will be accepted, and a threat detection and response program is required for full security coverage.

On this episode of CyberWire-X, host Rick Howard, the CyberWire's CSO, Chief Analyst and Senior Fellow, explores how to secure your software development lifecycle, how to use a maturity model like BSIM, where do containers fit in that process, and the Sysdig 2022 Cloud-Native Security and Usage report. Joining Rick on this episode are Tom Quinn, CISO at T. Rowe Price and CyberWire Hash Table member, and from episode sponsor Sysdig is their Director of Thought Leadership, Anna Belak, to discuss their experiences and real world data, as well as practical approaches to managing cloud risk.