CyberWire-X 7.24.22
Ep 34 | 7.24.22

The great overcorrection: shifting left probably left you vulnerable. Here’s how you can make it right.

Show Notes

Shifting left has been a buzzword in the application security space for several years now, and with good reason – making security an integral part of development is the only practical approach for modern agile workflows. But in their drive to build security testing into development as early as possible, many organizations are neglecting application security in later phases and losing sight of the big picture. In this episode of CyberWire-X, the CyberWire's CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, Rick Howard, talks with two Hash Table members, Centene’s VP and CISO for Healthcare Enterprises, Rick Doten, and Akamai’s Advisory CISO, Steve Winterfeld. In the second half of the show, CyberWire podcast host Dave Bittner talks with our episode sponsor Invicti’s Chief Product Officer, Sonali Shah. They discuss the challenges and misunderstandings around shifting left, and provide tips on how organizations can implement web application security program without tradeoffs throughout the whole application security lifecycle.