CyberWire-X 1.22.23
Ep 44 | 1.22.23

The power of web data in cybersecurity.

Show Notes

The public web data domain is a fancy way to say that there is a lot of information sitting on websites around the world that is freely available to anybody who has the initiative to collect it and use it for some purpose. When you do that collection, intelligence groups typically refer to it as open source intelligence, or OSINT. Intelligence groups have been conducting OSINT operations for over a century if you consider books and newspapers to be one source of this kind of information. In the modern day, hackers conduct OSINT operations in order to recon their potential victims by collecting email addresses, personal information, IP addresses, software versions, network configurations, and, if they are lucky, login credentials for websites and social media platforms. The question is, how can the good guys use these techniques to improve their security posture or maybe help the business in some kind of material way?

On this episode of CyberWire-X, the CyberWire’s Rick Howard and Dave Bittner discuss OSINT operations to improve your security posture with guests Steve Winterfeld, Hash Table member and Advisory CISO for Akamai, and Or Lenchner, CEO at our episode sponsor Bright Data.