CyberWire-X 8.16.20
Ep 7 | 8.16.20

The ABCs of cybersecurity for the education sector.

Show Notes

Teachers, students, admin, parents: The education sector has possibly the most diverse user base, each requiring its own user privileges, access requirements, and behavioral trends. Yet besides this, there are a number of unique challenges to securing an educational environment, including ensuring broad attack surface protection, minimal false positives, and maintaining a cost-effective security posture. Join us in as we chat with Kevin Ford, Chief Information Security Officer for the state of North Dakota, about these challenges for securing statewide educational institutions and their networks. Later, we will be joined by Steve Salinas, Head of Product Marketing at Deep Instinct and Matthew Fredrickson, Director of IT at Council Rock School District, in what should be a steep learning curve on protecting educational environments.