CyberWire-X is a series of specials where we collaborate with cybersecurity experts from a wide range of disciplines to bring you a diverse array of informed and fresh perspectives.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 50 | 4.21.24

Cloud Architect vs Detection Engineer: Mutual benefit.

In this episode of CyberWire-X, N2K CyberWire’s Podcast host Dave Bittner is joined by Brian Davis, Principal Software Engineer, and Thomas Gardner, Senior Detection Engineer, both from Red Canary. They engage in a cloud architect vs. detection engineer discussion. Through the conversation, they illustrate how one person benefits the other's work and how they work together. Red Canary is our CyberWire-X episode sponsor.

Ep 49 | 1.28.24

What’s a CNAPP: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform?

In this episode of CyberWire-X, N2K’s CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, Rick Howard, is joined by Tim Miller, Technical Marketing Engineer for Panoptica, Cisco's Cloud Application Security solution, (Panoptica is the result of Cisco's incubation engine (Outshift) for new products and markets), and Kevin Ford, Esri’s CISO. They discuss the complexity reduction need that Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) provide. Outshift by Cisco is our CyberWire-X episode sponsor.

Ep 48 | 11.16.23

Examining the current state of security orchestration.

In this episode of CyberWire-X, N2K’s CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, Rick Howard, is joined by guest Rohit Dhamankar, Fortra's Vice President of Product Strategy, and Hash Table member Steve Winterfeld, Akamai's Advisory CISO. Rick, Rohit and Steve discuss CISO initiatives such as vendor consolidation, automation, and attack surface management as a way to determine if it’s possible to achieve both increased security maturity and decreased operational load. This session covers common mistakes when adopting security technologies, including the pros and cons of AI, and how to better collaborate together.

Ep 47 | 7.23.23

Infostealer Malware 101: mitigating risks and strengthening defenses against this insidious threat.

With the relentless advancements in technology and a workforce more digitally-enabled than ever before, businesses today face an unprecedented challenge of protecting their sensitive information from cybercriminals. Infostealer malware, often disguised as innocuous files or hidden within legitimate-looking emails, stealthily infiltrate employee and contractor devices – managed and unmanaged – exfiltrating all manner of data for the purposes of executing follow-on attacks including ransomware. The data at risk includes customer details, financial information, intellectual property, and R&D plans stolen from compromised applications that were accessed from infostealer-exfiltrated authentication data like credentials and active session cookies/tokens. This episode digs into the proliferation of infostealers and provides actionable steps for businesses of any size or industry to mitigate the threat. In this episode of CyberWire-X, N2K’s CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, Rick Howard, is joined in the first half by Hash Table member Rick Doten to discuss the early days of incident response and the current thinking of post-infection remediation (PIR) actions. In the second half of the show, CyberWire podcast host Dave Bittner talks with our episode sponsor SpyCloud’s Director of Security Research, Trevor Hilligoss. They chat about the challenges for enterprises and security leaders to identify what was stolen from malware-infected devices and how proper post-infection remediation implemented into existing incident response workflows can help prevent this data from causing ransomware. Trevor shares highlights from an industry report of over 300+ security leaders from North America and the UK on where they stand on malware identification and remediation, and what additional work can be done to minimize cybercriminals' access and impact.

Ep 46 | 5.17.23

What is data centric security and why should anyone care?

In this episode of CyberWire-X, the CyberWire’s Rick Howard and Dave Bittner explore modern approaches for applying and enforcing policy and access controls to sensitive data which inevitably leaves your possession but still deserves just as much security as the data that you possess internally. Rick and Dave are joined by guests Bill Newhouse, Cybersecurity Engineer at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), and Dana Morris, Senior Vice President for Product and Engineering of our episode sponsor Virtru.

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