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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1674 | 9.30.22

Espionage, both online and in-person. Sabotage, both kinetic and (maybe eventually) cyber. Waterin holes, deepfakes, and the pushing of naughty words.

North Korean operators "weaponize" open-source software. The SolarMarker info-stealer returns. A quick review of Fast Company's WordPress hijacking incident. Deepfakes, and their evolution into an underworld and influence ops tool. Kinetic sabotage in the Baltic raises concerns about threats to infrastructure in cyberspace. Chris Novak from Verizon with a mid-year check in. Our guest is MK Palmore of Google Cloud on why collective cybersecurity ultimately depends on having a diverse, skilled workforce. And the US arrests three in two alleged spying cases.

Ep 1673 | 9.29.22

Hackers support Iranian dissidents. Notes on C2C markets. Cyberespionage campaigns. Intercepted mobile calls from Russian troops expose morale problems.

Gray-hat support for Iranian dissidents. Selling access wholesale in the C2C market. Novel malware’s discovered targeting VMware hypervisors. The Witchetty espionage group uses an updated toolkit. Deepen Desai from Zscaler has a Technical Analysis of Industrial Spy Ransomware. Ann Johnson of Afternoon Cyber Tea speaks with Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, CTO for Microsoft Security, about Israel's cyber innovation. And Russian troops phone call revelations.

Ep 1672 | 9.28.22

DDoS remains commonplace in Russia's hybrid war. Leaked LockBit 3.0 builder used by new gang. Meta takes down Russian disinfo networks. Lazarus Group goes spearphishing. Cloudy complexity.

DDoS remains the most characteristic mode of cyber ops in Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine. A leaked LockBit 3.0 builder is being used in ransomware attacks. Meta takes down Russian disinformation networks. Lazarus Group is spearphishing with bogus job offers. Joe Carrigan looks at SNAP benefit scams. Our guest is Crane Hassold of Abnormal Security with the latest in advanced email attack trends. And the cloud…is complicated.

Ep 1671 | 9.27.22

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence warns of coming Russian cyberattacks against infrastructure. Next moves for Lapsus$? Cashout scams and neglected wallets. Developments in the Optus breach.

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence warns of coming Russian cyberattacks against infrastructure. Next moves for Lapsus$? We know it’s a bear market, but take a look at your wallet, crypto speculators, at least now and then. Mr Security Answer Person john Pescatore on next year's most over-hyped term. Ben Yelin explains a thirty five million dollar data privacy settlement. And, finally, developments in the Optus breach.

Ep 1670 | 9.26.22

Unrest in Iran finds expression in cyberspace. Cyber conflict and diplomacy. Cybercrime in the hybrid war. And there seems to have been an arrest in the Uber and Rockstar breaches.

Unrest in Iran finds expression in cyberspace. Albania explains its reasons for severing relations with Iran. Cybercrime in the hybrid war. Rick Howard on risk forecasting with data scientists. Dave Bittner sits down with Dr. Bilyana Lilly to discuss her new book: "Russian Information Warfare: Assault on Democracies in the Cyber Wild West."And there seems to have been an arrest in the Uber and Rockstar breaches.

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