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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1605 | 6.23.22

Reviewing Russian cyber campaigns in the war against Ukraine. Ukraine's IT Army is a complex phenomenon. Take ICEFALL seriously. CISA has updated its cloud security guidance.

Reviewing Russian cyber campaigns in the war against Ukraine, and the complexity of Ukraine's IT Army. ICEFALL advice and reactions. Carole Theriault looks at Hollywood’s relationship with VPNs. Robert M. Lee from Dragos provides a rundown on Pipedream. And CISA updates its Cloud Security Technical Reference Architecture.

Ep 1604 | 6.22.22

A Fancy Bear sighting. Why Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine have fallen short of expectations. ToddyCat APT discovered. ICEFALL ICS issues described. Europol collars 9. Say it ain’t so, Dmitry.

Fancy Bear sighted in Ukrainian in-boxes. Why Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine have fallen short of expectations. ToddyCat APT is active in European and Asian networks. ICEFALL ICS vulnerabilities described. CISA issues ICS vulnerability advisories. Europol makes nine collars. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on The global state of data protection and sharing. Rick Howard speaks with Michelangelo Sidagni from NopSec on the Future of Vulnerability Management. We are shocked, shocked, to hear of corruption in the FSB

Ep 1603 | 6.21.22

Cyberattack suspected in Israeli false alarms. Risk surface assessments. Fitness app geolocation as a security risk. Cyber phases of Russia’ hybrid war. A conviction in the Capital One hacking case.

A Cyberattack is suspected of causing false alarms in Israel. Risk surface assessments. Renewed warning of the potential security risks of fitness apps. Cyber options may grow more attractive to Russia as kinetic operations stall. DDoS in St. Petersburg. Ben Yelin details a Senate bill restricting the sale of location data. Our guest is Jon Check from Raytheon's Intelligence and Space Division discussing the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. A conviction in the Capital One hacking case.

Ep 1602 | 6.17.22

Malibot info stealer is no coin miner. "Hermit" spyware. Fabricated evidence in Indian computers. FBI takes down botnet. Assange extradition update. Putting the Service into service learning.

Malibot is an info stealer masquerading as a coin miner. "Hermit" spyware is being used by nation-state security services. Fabricated evidence is planted in Indian computers. The US takes down a criminal botnet. The British Home Secretary signs the Assange extradition order. We wind up our series of RSA Conference interviews with David London from the Chertoff group and Hugh Njemanze from Anomali. And putting the Service into service learning.

Ep 1601 | 6.16.22

Interpol scores against BEC, online fraud, and money laundering. Developments in C2C markets. Versioning vulnerability. Cyber war and cyber escalation.

Interpol coordinates international enforcement action against scammers. A new version of IceXLoader is observed. Exploiting versioning limits to render files inaccessible. Reflections on the first large-scale hybrid war. Kelly Shortridge from Fastly on why behavioral science and economics matters for InfoSec. Patrick Orzechowski from DeepWatch on Russian IoCs and critical infrastructure. And the possibility of cyber escalation in Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine.

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