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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1910 | 9.20.23

Hacking the ICC. ShroudedSnooper active, simple, and novel. New criminal malware used against Chinese-speakers. More on the materiality of cyberattacks.

The International Criminal Court reports a "cybersecurity incident." ShroudedSnooper intrusion activity is both novel and simple. Criminal malware targets Chinese-speaking victims. The costs of insider risk. More on the casino attacks (and related social engineering capers). In our Learning Layer segment, Sam Meisenberg drops into a CISSP tutoring session and offers some test-taking tips. Our guest is Aaron Brazelton, Dean of Admissions and Advancement at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering. And the Clorox incident shows how one company navigates unfamiliar new SEC rules.

Ep 1909 | 9.19.23

Ransomware in Colombia. An accidental data exposure. Cyberespionage hits unpatched systems. An attack on IT systems disrupts industrial production. Bots and bad actors.

Colombia continues its recovery from last week's cyberattacks. AI training data is accidentally published to GitHub. The cyberespionage techniques of Earth Lusca. Clorox blames product shortages on a cyber attack. Cybersecurity incidents in industrial environments. Where the wild bots are. Joe Carrigan looks at top level domain name exploitation. Our guest is Kristen Bell from GuidePoint Security with a look at vulnerability vs. exploitability. And there’s talk of potential Russia-DPRK cooperation in cyberspace.

Ep 1908 | 9.18.23

A quick look at some threats from China and North Korea, some engaged in collection, some in theft. BlackCat and other ransomware operators. And a view of cyberwar from Ukraine’s SSU.

Cyber threats trending from East Asia. The Lazarus Group is suspected in the CoinEx crypto theft. Pig butchering, enabled by cryptocurrency. BlackCat is active against Azure storage. a Ukrainian view of cyber warfare. A US-Canadian water commission deals with a ransomware attack. Eric Goldstein from CISA shares insights on cyber threats from China. Neil Serebryany of Calypso explains the policies, tools and safeguards in place to enable the safe use of generative AI. And more details emerge in the Las Vegas casinos’ ransomware incidents. Danny Ocean, call your office.

Ep 1907 | 9.15.23

Peach Sandstorm cyberespionage. Criminal attacks against a Colombian telco and two major US casino firms. A thief in the browser. And the Greater Manchester Police are on a virtual manhunt.

"Peach Sandstorm" is an Iranian cyberespionage campaign. A Cyberattack against a telecom provider affects government and corporate online operations in Colombia. Python NodeStealer takes browser credentials. Caesars Entertainment files its 8-K. Some MGM Entertainment systems remain down. Betsy Carmelite from Booz Allen talking about how to leverage cyber psychology. Ron Reiter of Sentra outlines the threats for connected cars. And a third-party incident exposes personal data of the Manchester police.

Ep 1906 | 9.14.23

Ransomware and materiality. MetaStealer hits businesses. Two looks at cloud risks. His Highness, the Large Language Model.

The MGM Resorts incident is now believed to be ransomware, and how does that inform our view of Materiality of a cyber incident? MetaStealer targets businesses. Cloud access with stolen credentials. The cloud as an expansive attack surface. Johannes Ullrich from SANS describes malware in dot-inf files. In our Industry Voices segment Dave speaks with Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra, on the complexity and challenges of cloud service security. And welcome back, or not, Your Highness the Large Language Model, Prince of Nigeria.

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