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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1717 | 12.6.22

Cyberespionage, privateering, hacktivism and influence operations, in Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Criminals need quality control, too. A new entry in CISA’s KEV Catalog.

A Chinese cyberespionage campaign is believed to be active in the Middle East. Poor quality control turns ransomware into a wiper, and a typo crashes a cryptojacker. A large DDoS attack is reported to have hit a Russian state-owned bank. Privateers compromise Western infrastructure to stage cyberattacks. Cyber operations against national morale. A look at the Vice Society. Ben Yelin on the growing concerns over TicTok. Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea speaks with Charles Blauner about the evolution of the CISO role. And CISA has added an entry to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog.

Ep 1716 | 12.5.22

Swapping cyberattacks in a hybrid war. Privateers or just a side-hustle? US CSRB will investigate Lapsu$ Group. Notes on the cyber underworld.

Wiper malware hits Russian targets. Microsoft sees an intensification of Russian cyber operations against Ukraine. State policy, privateering, or an APT side-hustle? The US Cyber Safety Review Board will investigate the Lapsu$ Group. Rackspace works to remediate a security incident. The Schoolyard Bully Trojan harvests credentials. Grayson Milbourne of OpenText Security Solutions on attacks on common open source dev libraries. Rick Howard looks at CISO career paths. And trends in ransomware: cybercrime succeeds when the gang runs like a business.

Ep 1715 | 12.2.22

Cuba ransomware pulls in $60 million. CISA releases three ICS advisories. Google announces new support for Ukraine. DDoSing the Vatican. Google supports Ukrainian startups in wartime.

Cuba ransomware pulls in $60 million. CISA releases three ICS advisories. DDoSing the Vatican. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on the implications of Albania cutting off diplomatic ties with Iran. Our space correspondent Maria Varmazis speaks with Brandon Bailey about Space Attack Research and Tactic Analysis matrix. And how Google supports Ukrainian startups in wartime.

Ep 1714 | 12.1.22

Cyberespionage, cybercrime, and patriotic hacktivism. The Heliconia framework described. Cyber risk for the telecom and healthcare sectors. Notes on the hybrid war. Predictions for 2023.

A new backdoor, courtesy of the DPRK. The Medibank breach is all over but the shouting (or, all over but the suing and the arresting). Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud. Cyber risk in healthcare. An assessment of Russian cyber warfare. Robert M. Lee from Dragos assesses the growing value of the ICS security market. Our guest is Cecilia Seiden of TransUnion to discuss their 2022 Consumer Holiday Shopping Report. And it’s December, which means…predictions.

Ep 1713 | 11.30.22

LockBit 3.0 and Punisher ransomware described. Leave that USB right in the parking lot where you found it. Killnet’s woofing. Lilac Wolverine’s big new BEC. And World Cup scams.

Has LockBit 3.0 been reverse engineered? A COVID lure contains a Punisher hook. A Chinese cyberespionage campaign uses compromised USB drives. Lilac Wolverine exploits personal connections for BEC. Killnet claims to have counted coup against the White House. Tim Starks from the Washington Post has the FCC’s Huawei restrictions and ponders what congress might get done before the year end. Our guest is Tom Eston from Bishop Fox with a look Inside the Minds & Methods of Modern Adversaries. And, of course, scams, hacks, and other badness surrounding the World Cup.

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