Hacking Humans

Hacking Humans

Join Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan each week as they look behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 174 | 12.2.21

Do you really want that device to be a connected device?

Guest Jay Radcliffe from Thermo Fisher Scientific shares his advice and security concerns with smart devices since the holiday gifting season is around the corner, Joe and Dave have some listener follow up about 2FA, Joe's got a story about the Robinhood breach, Dave's story is about numerous LinkedIn requests from HR specialists with GAN images (Generated Adversarial Network), and our Catch of the Day is from listener Michael who was just trying to sell his car and then he got a text message.

Ep 173 | 11.18.21

A good amount of skepticism helps protect you online.

Guest Blake Hall, CEO and founder of a company called ID.me, discusses protecting your identity online, Dave and Joe have some follow up from listener Rafa on 2FA he uses, Dave has a story about bots that take advantage of 2FA to break into your payment accounts, Joe's story is about fake sugar daddies on Instagram, and our COTD is a stringer (Joe's phishing metaphor) of scams impersonating celebrities.

Ep 172 | 11.4.21

Cybersecurity awareness should be a year-round activity.

Guest Dr. Jessica Barker from Cygenta talks with UK correspondent Carole Theriault about how every month should be cyber awareness month, Joe has a story about password spraying (kind of like a credential stuffing attack), Dave's story is about scams carried out through QR codes, and our COTD comes from listener Wyatt about an award-winning email from Warren Buffett.

Ep 171 | 10.28.21

Good grammar is essential for business email compromise.

Guest Brandon Hoffman from Intel 471 is back sharing some research on business email compromise, Dave's got a story on buying collectable sneakers and how bots make that really hard to do, Joe has two stories with different spins on romance scams: one notes they are the most prevalent scams targeting older adults; and the second is about a group of Nigerian men preying on women through money scams, and our Catch of the Day comes from reddit user steev p (Steve P) about a benefit scam from an impersonated Facebook friend.

Ep 170 | 10.21.21

Joekens, Bittnercoins, and the serious impacts of spam analysis.

UK Correspondent Carole Theriault returns with an interview with Paul, a spam analyst, Dave and Joe have some follow-up, Joe revisits NFTs with rug pull scams, Dave's story is about phishers using a symbol in place of the Verizon logo, and our Catch of the Day comes from listener Rafael in Spain about a Steam account takeover scam attempt his son experienced on Discord.

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Hacking Humans
Dave Bittner
Joe Carrigan
Dave Bittner, is a security podcast host and one of the founders at CyberWire. He’s a creator, producer, videographer, actor, experimenter, and entrepreneur. He’s had a long career in the worlds of television, journalism and media production, and is one of the pioneers of non-linear editing and digital storytelling.
Joe Carrigan, is a Senior Security Engineer with the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. He has been a Software Engineer for over twenty years and has been working in the security field for more than ten years focusing on usable security and security awareness. He has experience in a broad range of fields including authentication systems, embedded systems, data migration, and network communication.
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