Hacking Humans

Hacking Humans

Join Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan each week as they look behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 235 | 3.16.23

Changing the face of identity.

Eric Olden, Chief Executive at Strata, sits down with Dave to discuss the changing face of identity; where we’ve been, where are going, and the bumps along the way. Dave and Joe share some listener follow-up from Michael, who writes in about advertisements on YouTube and other social networks claiming magical results. Dave's story follows a new tool released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to help with slow and stop the spread of sextortion of minors. Joe's story is on a LinkedIn post by Gary Warner regarding why we have so much fraud. Our catch of the day is from listener Shon, who writes in about an email they received about “Meta Resources Recruiter” informing them of an open “CISO Lead role.”

Ep 234 | 3.2.23

Saving the world from cybercrime.

Dan Golden and Renee Dudley, reporters at ProPublica and authors of "The Ransomware Hunting Team: A Band of Misfits' Improbable Crusade to Save the World from Cybercrime," discuss their book. Dave and Joe share some follow up form listener Ignacio who writes in to share thoughts on Joe's preference to using open source options for password managers. Joe's story this week follows Coinbase, who recently had a cybersecurity breach but their cyber controls prevented the attacker from gaining direct system access and prevented any loss of funds or compromise of customer information. Dave's story is on people trying to gain cryptocurrency back after it was hacked and stolen from them, only to wait and receive nothing in the long run. Our catch of the day comes from listener Josh, who writes in about an email he received that stated that his wallet would be suspended if he did not download a verification link.

Ep 233 | 2.23.23

Password managers and their benefits.

Corie Colliton Wagner from Security.org joins to discuss the company’s research of password manager tools and their benefits, identity theft, and the market outlook for PW managers. Dave and Joe share quite a bit of follow up from listeners Mitch, Neville, and Richard. Mitch writes in to share about gift card scams, and Neville and Richard both share their thoughts on the pros and cons of having a cloud-based password manager. Dave's story is about employees around the globe and their internet habits inside the workplace. Joe's story follows a new release of data from the FTC on romance scams, including the top lies being told by scammers. Our catch of the day comes from listener Gordy, who writes in about an email he received regarding a new position scammers are trying to fill in an open job.

Ep 232 | 2.16.23

Scamming through generations.

Mathieu Gorge from VigiTrust sits down to discuss the different ways that online attackers target younger and older generations, and what the cybersecurity industry can and should do to protect them. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up from Greg who writes in regarding porch pirates possibly finding a new way to steal packages. In Joe's story this week, we learn that while ransomware was down last year, more and more people are clicking on phishing emails. Dave's story follows Ahad Shams, the co-founder of Web3 metaverse gaming engine startup Webaverse, who ended up getting $4 million of his cryptocurrency stolen. Our catch of the day comes from listener Rodney who writes in about an email he received. The scammers were trying to collect information from him after saying he was already scammed out of money, when in fact he was not.

Ep 231 | 2.9.23

A boom of infostealers and stolen credentials.

Keith Jarvis, Senior Security Researcher from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), shares his thoughts on the alarming rise of infostealers and stolen credentials. Dave and Joe share some listener follow-up from Ron who writes in about a book, entitled "Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons" by Carey Parker, which he finds as a helpful resource when it comes to cybersecurity. Dave's story follows password management companies and how they might not be as safe as what we presume them to be, most notably the LastPass breach in the last month. Joe has two stories this week, his first on a 19 year old TikToker who was arrested for running a GoFundMe scam while portraying on the popular social media app that she was diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer. Joe's second story is on Marines outsmarting artificially intelligent security cameras by hiding in a clever way that the AI could not recognize. Our catch of the day comes from listener Tim, who writes in about an old scam with a new twist, and how he was able to figure it out.

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Hacking Humans
Dave Bittner
Joe Carrigan
Dave Bittner, is a security podcast host and one of the founders at CyberWire. He's a creator, producer, videographer, actor, experimenter, and entrepreneur. He's had a long career in the worlds of television, journalism and media production, and is one of the pioneers of non-linear editing and digital storytelling.
Joe Carrigan, is a Senior Security Engineer with the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. He has been a Software Engineer for over twenty years and has been working in the security field for more than ten years focusing on usable security and security awareness. He has experience in a broad range of fields including authentication systems, embedded systems, data migration, and network communication.
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